April 20, 2024

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JOHOR BAHRU, Dec. 25 – On December 21st, until 23rd, 2023, the annual Sukan Sains Komputer 2023 (SUSKOM ’23), organized by the Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer (PERSAKA), will bring together students and staff of the Faculty of Computing at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for a unique blend of physical and electronic sports activities.

SUSKOM ’23 is an annual sports program organized by PERSAKA to promote healthy physical and mental activities and lifestyles among students and staff of the Faculty of Computing. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the program has been held virtually for three consecutive years. This year marks a return to physical gatherings, allowing students and staff of the Faculty of Computing to socialize while promoting healthier lifestyles. The program is officiated by Ts. Dr. Farhan bin Mohamed, Director of the Emergent Computing Department.


Officiation speech by the Director of Emergent Computing Department

Ts. Dr. Farhan bin Mohamed delivers an official speech to mark the successful completion of this vibrant and health-focused event at the Faculty of Computing, UTM. In his opening speech, Ts. Dr. Farhan extends a warm welcome to all participants and attendees, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming activities. His words not only mark the official commencement of SUSKOM ’23 but also inspire anticipation and enthusiasm among the audience for the vibrant and engaging events planned at the Faculty of Computing, UTM.

SUSKOM ’23 offers a wide range of physical and electronic sports to cater to varied interests. Physical sports enthusiasts can participate in activities such as futsal, badminton, frisbee, and basketball. On the electronic front, there will be competitions in popular games like Mobile Legend, EA Sports FC 24, and Valorant. All students and staff of the Faculty of Computing are encouraged to join any sport of their choice, providing them with enjoyable experiences and the opportunity to strengthen bonds within the community.


SUSKOM’ 23 participants competing in various sports

Participants from various computer courses competed against each other to win the sports they participated in. The tournament spanned three consecutive days until the final stage of the matches.

Officiation speech by MPP 23/24 of Faculty of Computing

Nabil Iman, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) 23/24 for the Faculty of Computing, delivers the closing speech for the SUSKOM ’23 program. He congratulates SUSKOM ’23 for successfully executing the program and expresses pride in the active participation of Faculty of Computing students in every game and sport organized. He hopes for the continuation of this program annually to further strengthen bonds among Faculty of Computing students and staff, emphasizing its role in maintaining their health.


Closing speech by the director of the SUSKOM’ 23 program

Ikmal bin Khairulezuan, the director of the SUSKOM ’23 program, gives the closing speech for SUSKOM ’23. He congratulates and expresses gratitude to all SUSKOM ’23 crews for the successful execution of the program. He also extends his thanks to all Faculty of Computing students who actively participated in the sports organized by SUSKOM ’23.

All of the winners were honored at a prize-giving ceremony.

Muhammad Harith Hakim bin Othman, President of PERSAKA, and Ikmal bin Khairulezuan presented awards to the winners from first to third place in each sport and game, including Basketball, Futsal, Frisbee, Badminton, Chess, EAFC, Valorant, Mobile Legends, and the Course Logo Competition.

Prize Giving of Best Course Award
Photo session between MPP 23/24 of Faculty of Computing, participants and crew of SUSKOM’ 23

In SUSKOM ’23, an award was given to the course that achieved the highest number of winning medals. This year, the best course to receive the award was Software Engineering, suggesting that Software Engineering was the most successful course at SUSKOM ’23, outpacing other courses in terms of medals won.

Through SUSKOM ’23, PERSAKA aims to cultivate a community within the Faculty of Computing that is not only academically and professionally inclined but also prioritizes holistic well-being. The program’s diverse sporting events and objectives align with UTM’s commitment to nurturing a healthy and balanced student body.

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