March 2, 2024

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Techno Seminar

JOHOR BAHRU, Jan. 12 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded and well-equipped graduates to excel and innovate in their chosen fields. The university has played a significant role in organizing numerous talks and events in various fields. These talks are integrated into specific courses, enabling students to access valuable resources and expertise and to interact directly with experts.

Techno Seminar

The 2024 Seminar Showcase Program titled “Quantum Computing in Cybersecurity” was a noteworthy event in computing history. It combined quantum computing with the entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in a groundbreaking seminar. The program provided a platform for exploring the field of quantum computing in technology and its potential applications in entrepreneurial ventures. The seminar was a comprehensive discussion on the subject that set the stage for future advancements in the field.

The Seminar Showcase Program of 2024 had a central theme of inspiring innovation in quantum computing, especially in its application in cybersecurity. The event focused on nurturing entrepreneurial skills while sparking creative thinking in quantum technology. The seminar provided practical insights into launching and managing tech ventures in this field. A significant emphasis was placed on demonstrating how theoretical concepts in quantum computing can be applied to enhance cybersecurity measures. The seminar also served as a hub for networking, encouraging collaboration among participants, which is crucial in the rapidly evolving tech industry. The primary goal was to prepare attendees to understand current trends in quantum computing for cybersecurity and adapt to future technological shifts, ensuring they are ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in tech entrepreneurship.

The seminar’s panel discussions were the heart of the event, and they featured esteemed individuals such as Dr. Nurisya Mohd Shah and Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Norshamsuri Bin Ali@Hasim and Dr. Yap Yung Szen. Dr. Shah’s expertise in quantum mechanics helped her explain the complexities of quantum computing in an understandable way to the audience. Her ability to translate complicated theories into simple concepts was impressive. Prof. Norshamsuri, an authority in quantum systems and network security, bridged the gap between theoretical quantum mechanics and its practical applications in enhancing cybersecurity. His discussions on the future of quantum technologies were particularly enlightening, highlighting the potential and challenges of these emerging systems. Dr. Yap provided valuable insights into the control systems for quantum computers, adding another layer to the understanding of this field. His experience in the practical aspects of quantum computing, including the challenges in hardware and software integration, provided a comprehensive view of the current state and future prospects of quantum technologies. These panel discussions were not just informative but also motivating and inspiring. They encouraged participants to think innovatively and to envision their roles in shaping the future of technology. For many attendees, these sessions were transformative, igniting a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Honourable Speakers

In addition to the intellectual discussions, the event also featured practical showcases and activities that provided insights into the tech industry. These sessions focused on the latest trends, funding options, and career opportunities in the field. They demonstrated the ever-changing nature of the tech industry and gave attendees a glimpse into the future of technopreneurship.

The Seminar Showcase Program 2024 focused on quantum computing in cybersecurity and taught some valuable lessons in adaptability, communication, and networking. The challenges of securing sponsorships and managing last-minute panel changes highlighted the importance of resilience and flexibility in event management. Simplifying complex quantum concepts for a diverse audience emphasized the need for effective communication strategies. The seminar also underscored the power of networking in fostering collaborations and the necessity of staying abreast of rapid technological advancements. These insights were crucial for technopreneurs and anyone navigating the dynamic landscape of modern business and technology.

The Seminar Showcase Program 2024 faced a major obstacle in securing enough sponsors due to its specialized focus on quantum computing in cybersecurity. Additionally, there were last-minute changes in the panel, which required quick action and adaptability from the organizers. However, they successfully assembled a high-calibre panel through their strong industry network. To make complex quantum computing topics accessible to a diverse audience, the seminar employed interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, and simplified presentations. Effective collaboration among participants was encouraged through targeted networking sessions and group activities. The content was kept current and relevant in the fast-evolving fields of quantum computing and cybersecurity by featuring up-to-date research and speakers.

Time management was crucial and handled through careful planning and scheduling. These challenges were met with innovative solutions, ensuring the seminar’s success as a key platform for learning and networking.


In brief, the Seminar Showcase Program 2024 provided a glimpse into the broader world of technopreneurship with a wealth of insights, challenges, and opportunities. It emphasized the importance of keeping up with technological developments and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. As participants progress in their careers, the lessons and experiences gained from this seminar will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of guidance in their technopreneurial journey.

Written by: Md Mostakim Reza (A21EC4033), Md Fahad Al Foysal (A21EC4050), Zuhayer Adnan Siddique (A21EC3055) and Sadman Yasar Sayem (A21EC3052)


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