May 18, 2024

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Summer School ‘Learning Kit’ Module Improvement Workshop

Iskandar Puteri, December 2, 2023: The Language Academy’s Summer School Committee successfully organised a one-day workshop focused on enhancing the ‘Learning Kit’ at Ramada Meridian. The workshop brought together 10 academic staff and 2 support staff to collaboratively assess and refine the existing modules. Dr. Mahani Stapa, the director of the committee, underscored the workshop’s significance in elevating the quality of the ‘Learning Kit,’ which encompasses five modules. This enhancement is deemed essential to ensure that the learning materials and lesson plans cater to the needs of post-COVID students and maintain high standards.

The Summer School Programme, a flagship two-week initiative organized by the Language Academy within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, has successfully run for the past 14 years, conducting an average of two cycles annually. Specifically tailored for university students from Japan, with key collaborators such as the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Osaka Prefecture University, and Yamaguchi University, the program caters to beginner-level English users (A1 and A2 levels on the CEFR scale), considering English as a foreign language in Japan.

Driven by the commitment to provide quality education to participants, particularly in the post-pandemic context, the Summer School Committee initiated the workshop to refine the ‘Learning Kit.’ The first half of the workshop saw participants working collaboratively in groups to revise the modules and lesson plans. In the latter half, each group presented their drafts, receiving constructive feedback to further enhance their work.

The Chair of the Language Academy, Associate Professor Dr. Hadina Habil, provided support throughout the workshop, aligning its objectives with the academy’s overarching commitment to academic excellence. Anticipating the use of the revised modules in the upcoming Summer School Programme tentatively scheduled for the end of February 2024, the committee remains optimistic about delivering an improved and impactful learning experience for the participating students.


Welcoming speech by the director of the summer school committee, Dr. Mahani Stapa


Presentation by one of the participants


Group photo session

By: Abid Zulfadhli Razali, Siti Khadijah Abdul Wahab

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