July 18, 2024

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JOHOR BAHRU, 18 Nov.– Nicholas Goh Kyai Earn is a person full of enthusiasm and inspiration who emerged from the vivid tapestry of his life as a young man. Born and raised in Muar, Johor, he brings warmth and joy wherever he goes.

Since childhood, the spirit to achieve more has been ingrained in his soul. As a result of his spirit and perseverance, he was honoured with the Royal Educational Award at the 67th convocation of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). 

Nicholas completed his formal education at SMK Dato’ Sri Amar Diraja in Muar, Johor, where he was introduced to the world of knowledge. His passion for continued advancement drove him to pursue a Diploma in Land Surveying at UTM Kuala Lumpur, which he later honoured with a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics Engineering. During his diploma studies, he received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award at UTM’s 64th Convocation. 

His CGPA and Dean’s List results demonstrate a track record of distinction. Nicholas’ professional path exemplifies both diversity and achievement. Every step counts, from becoming a promoter for a Vivo concept store in Muar to being a land surveyor at Jurukur Makmur. Nicholas is an active participant in volunteer programmes and holds leadership positions in various community service programmes.

Nicholas Goh Kyai Earn holding his Royal Academic Award

These include the UTM Community Engagement Programme in Pasuruan (HIJRAH’18) in East Java, Indonesia; the Aceh and Humanity Community Engagement Programme (ACEH’19) in Aceh, Indonesia; and the UTM Community Service Programme in Muar (MyBLOOD’18) in his hometown, where he serves the local community.

His professional excellence is demonstrated by receiving the Tan Sri Mohd Yatim Commemoration Award and being recognised as one of the “Top 3” winners at the 2018 Student Figure Awards. 

Nicholas and his team during Aceh and Humanity Community Engagement Programme (ACEH’19) at Aceh, Indonesia.

Despite his achievements, Nicholas remains humble and grateful, acknowledging the support of those who have guided him along his life’s journey. UTM education is a cherished legacy for him and his family. UTM is not just an ordinary college but an icon, a symbol of achievement, and a catalyst for dreams.

Eleven family members, including Nicholas, have walked and are still walking the stage of excellence at this college. Of the eleven, five have successfully completed their bachelor’s degrees. UTM is not just a place of learning; it is a wonder that shapes individuals capable of leading and serving the nation. 

UTM has been an exceptional talent incubator for his family in the professional world. A licensed land surveyor (Sr.), a registered town planner (TPr.), and a professional engineer (Ir.) were all born into his family as a result of his wise decision to choose UTM as a place to pursue their dreams.

UTM has molded them into highly competitive professionals who can contribute to the progress of the country. At every step of their learning journey at UTM, they experience an educational ecosystem that produces quality graduates, potential individuals, and sought-after professionals, both locally and globally. UTM is not just a college; it is a miracle that has brought him to the forefront of excellence. 

Nicholas proudly present his certificate to his parents

“Who would I be without UTM?” said Nicholas. He thanked UTM for making him and his family successful and guiding him to a bigger world with confidence. Although he struggled for breath at first, the determination to realize this dream always burned within him. In his heart, UTM is like a match in the darkness of life. It not only ignites a light but also guides him to brilliance, excellence, and distinction.

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