April 17, 2024

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Language Academy UTM donates garden plants to grow in the SK Sg. Boh compound

18 October 2023, Wednesday – As an extension of the Toys for Friends (TFF) programme, which was launched in April 2023 in Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Sg. Boh, Language Academy staff came together to donate garden plants to the school. The donation, which took place last Saturday, was to support the school’s efforts to beautify its surroundings.

The tree planting event took place on Tuesday, a few days after the donation, which involved teachers and gardeners from the school. The three- to four-hour tree planting involved planting the trees in front of the school’s main gate and walkways.

The donation was made with the intention of maintaining a good relationship with the school while discussing future projects with the headmaster, Encik Khairulakmar bin Abdullah.

The Language Academy hopes that this small donation will help to create a nurturing learning environment for the
students of SK Sg. Boh.


Colourful bougainvillaea in polybags


Jasmine plants planted along the walkways


Teachers of SK Sg Boh planting jasmine plants

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