February 29, 2024

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Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023: Diverse Voices, Common Goals

Kolej Datin Seri Endon UTM orchestrated the annual Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023 program from August 1 to September 14, 2023. Comprising nine dynamic sub-programs, Semarak Merdeka 2023 was designed to instil a broad spectrum of values, encompassing creativity, patriotism, education, history, spirituality, community service, sports, and innovative concepts. Here is a detailed list of the sub-programs that formed the vibrant tapestry of Semarak Merdeka 2023:

  1. Pertandingan Poster: Infografik Patriotisme
  2. Larian Pahlawan Virtual FunRun
  3. KDSEtv: Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023
  4. Siri Kuiz Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023
  5. Aspirasi Semarak Cilik 2023
  6. Bacaan Yasin dan Tazkirah Ambang Kemerdekaan
  7. Webinar Kemerdekaan: Menyingkap Sejarah Disebalik Pembentukan Malaysia
  8. Majlis Perlancaran Program serta Majlis Penutup Program Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023

Except for Aspirasi Semarak Cilik 2023, which was hosted at SK LKTP Pemanis 1, Felda Pemanis, Segamat, all other programs embraced the virtual realm, drawing participants from diverse backgrounds. Semarak Merdeka KDSE consistently endeavours to connect with the local community, and this year, it focused on engaging with the primary school and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

The resounding success of these programs can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique educational backgrounds and perspectives to the table. The secretariats behind Semarak Merdeka 2023 comprised individuals with a wide array of educational experiences, including 19 postgraduate students and 11 undergraduates.

This program exemplifies Kolej Datin Seri Endon’s unwavering commitment to holistic education and community development. Adopting a multidimensional approach empowers and inspires individuals to make meaningful contributions to society.

The technical team during the online session

The unique secretariat of Semarak Merdeka KDSE 2023


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