September 28, 2023

UTM Team Mud Busters Secures Top 5 Spot in Prestigious IMechE Innovation Challenge 2023

Sibly Noman
Sibly Noman

A team of students from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has secured a top 5 position in the IMechE Innovation Challenge (SEAR) 2023, an international competition for engineering students.

The team, called Team Mud Busters, is composed of Sibly Noman, Tasmima Tarannum, Md Imran Khan, and Md Zaed Khan. Sibly Noman and Zaed Khan are students of the Faculty of Engineering at UTM.

The team’s advisor is Shaekh Shithil, a UTM alumnus from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The team’s solution to the problem of flooding in the South East Asian Region is an automated floodgate that can be installed in rivers and streams to prevent flooding.

The gate is controlled by a mechanical system that detects rising water levels. When the water level reaches a critical point, the gate automatically closes, preventing flooding downstream.

The team’s solution was praised by judges for its innovative design and potential to save lives and property. The team also received high marks for their presentation skills and their ability to align with the competition’s goals.

This is a major achievement for UTM and for Malaysia as a whole. It is a testament to the quality of education and research being conducted at UTM, and it shows that UTM students are capable of competing at the highest levels of international engineering competitions.

The team is now preparing to represent them in the global finals of the IMechE Innovation Challenge, which will be held in September 2023. The team is confident that they can win the global finals.

We are proud of Team Mud Busters for their outstanding achievement. We wish them all the best in the global finals.



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