May 19, 2024

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Unleashing Synergies: A Trilateral Collaboration among Malaysia Green Building Council Southern Chapter, UTM Architecture Programme & RDC Arkitek Sdn Bhd

JOHOR BAHRU, 22nd June – The Malaysia Green Building Council Southern Chapter, in collaboration with the UTM Architecture Programme and RDC Arkitek Johor Bahru, co-hosted an academic-based exhibition and open critique engagement program for Master in Architecture Design (Sustainable Technologies Studio) at RDC Arkitek Sdn Bhd, Ekoperniagaan Johor Bahru on 22nd June 2023, Thursday.

Right to left: Mr. Yusri Subahan (Project Architect from RDC Arkitek JB), Dr. Tantish Kamaruddin (Hons Secetrary of malaysiaGBC southern chapter & senior lecturer from Quantity Surveying FABU), Assoc Prof. Ar Dr Lim Yaik Wah (Architecture Programme Director FABU UTM), Dr Roshida Abdul Majid (Programme coordinator for M.Arch UTM), Ar. Norshahida Azili (UTM M.Arch Offshore Programme Coordinator) and Ts. Dr. Leng Pau Chung (Engagement program coordinator and senior lecturer of Architecture Programme UTM).

The program aims to promote ecological and sustainable design awareness in the built environment and was organized by 19 Master of Architecture students (Sustainable Technologies Studio session 2022/2023 semester 2), led by Dr. Roshida Abdul Majid and Ts Dr. Leng Pau Chung. The student exhibition serves as a platform to raise awareness about ecology and sustainable design among the public.

Supported by RDC Arkitek Sdn Bhd as the venue sponsor and the Centre for the Study of Built Environment in the Malay World (KALAM) UTM as the financial supporter, this engagement event enables students to showcase their outstanding efforts and share their design process in ecological architecture with the public.

The engagement program commenced at 2 pm with the National anthem and an opening speech by Dr. Tantish Kamaruddin, Honour Secretary of mBG Southern Chapter. Associate Professor Ar. Dr. Lim Yaik Wah, Director of the Architecture Programme at the Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, UTM, delivered an opening speech, followed by a welcoming speech from Ar. Noor Halim Bin Jamaludin, the representative from RDC Arkitek Sdn Bhd Johor Bahru. Souvenir presentations were then conducted by the three participating parties.

Ecological Architecture Design Exhibition by Master in Architecture (Sustainable Technologies Studio).

During the engagement program, Dr. Roshida Abdul Majid, a distinguished guest speaker and senior lecturer, as well as the Master of Architecture Program Coordinator from the Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru, delivered a captivating lecture titled “Psychological Function of Windows”. The presentation shed light on the significance of windows in housing design.

The exhibition emphasized the importance of ecological architecture in environmental design. Students showcased ecological studies conducted on Pulai Hill, Kulai, and Kampung Sungai Melayu Johor Bahru wetlands, highlighting sustainability, innovation, and the integration of technology.

Each study and design, ranging from sustainable to intelligent ecological design and planning, presented a unique vision for a sustainable future. It is highly encouraged to engage with the students and acknowledge their exceptional efforts throughout the semester.

Dr Roshida Abdul Majid, the guest speaker is delivering the input lecture entitled “Psychological function of window” during the engagement program.

This engagement event, featuring an exhibition and critique session, represents the collective commitment of institutions, industry, and the community to sustainability, innovation, and architectural excellence.

With the involvement of three bodies to celebrate the students’ achievements, it also serves as an inspirational event for the public and future generations to contribute to shaping a greener and more sustainable world through creative and collective endeavors.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between the Malaysia Green Building Council Southern Chapter, UTM Architecture Programme, and RDC Arkitek Sdn Bhd Johor Bahru have successfully organized an academic-based ecological architecture open critique session and exhibition.

This collaborative effort signifies a shared dedication to sustainability, innovation, and architectural excellence, inspiring the public and future generations to make a positive impact on our environment through creative and collective endeavors.

By : Ts. Dr. Leng Pau Chung, Assoc. Prof Ar Dr. Lim Yaik Wah, Dr. Roshida Abdul Majid & Dr. Tantish Kamaruddin





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