May 19, 2024

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Student Exchange Knowledge and Technology An Elysian Experience: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

YOGYAKARTA, 2 May – The Student Exchange Knowledge and Technology An Elysian Experience: UTM, a talk programme that was held under the UTM: Abroad At Java (AJ ’23) programme, was delivered by Chm. Dr. Mohd Akmali bin Mokhter, a Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at Universitas Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta. The programme was held by Jawatankuasa Kolej Mahasiswa (JKM) from Kolej Tun Dr Ismail (KTDI) 2022/2023 session on May 2, 2023. The talk was related to the environmental problem solution towards sustainability. This programme aimed to share knowledge about the introduction and meanings of our ecology and ecosystem and learn about Barry Cammoner’s Ecology Law and sustainability and solutions. Moreover, this sharing also highlights the 3Rs concept and practices that can be done at home concerning aspects of sustainability.


Sharing Knowledge by  Chm. Dr. Mohd Akmali bin Mokhter,

Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The importance of protecting the environment, especially our rivers, is emphasised in the knowledge sharing by Chm. Dr. Mohd Akmali bin Mokhter. He emphasised that since the river is one of the places we get our daily drinking water, we must care for it. He also applauded the river’s cleanliness near Yogyakarta, Indonesia during his two-day trip. Moreover, he shared about techniques to maintain sustainability, such as planting food waste in a compost project that results in organic compost fertilisation and bringing a personal container to take away food purchased elsewhere is another approach to continue protecting the environment and limit the use of plastic containers.

Question and answer session by UTM and UGM students

The students from UTM and UGM were actively participating in the question-and-answer session, raising questions concerning how the government can continue to support sustainability among the populace and how we, as children, can teach parents who lack knowledge about sustainability at home. At the end of his sharing session, he encouraged all UGM and UTM students to work together to change and encourage more sustainable modes of consumption through regulatory and economic measures and appropriate demand management, particularly in solid waste, mobility, public and private buildings and land use.


Two UTM international students, El Thariq Ihza Maulana and Hafiz Surya Kurniawan, delivered the final sharing session. Hafiz Surya Kurniawan is a first-year accounting student, whereas El Thariq Ihza Maulana is a second-year student majoring in chemical engineering. The sharing session highlights fascinating experiences they have had while studying at UTM. It is hoped that the experiences they shared with the audience can gauge their interest, pique their curiosity and attract those who may have plans to advance their study to choose UTM as their top choice.

Sharing Knowledge by Thariq Ihza Maulana and Hafiz Surya Kurniawan.

They also shared the history of UTM establishment and the various course it offers, including mechanical engineering and civil engineering, to name a few. Meanwhile, they also discussed the amenities, lodging, meals, and academic experience they had at UTM. The first-hand experience shared by UTM students has intrigued UGM students’ interest in pursuing their studies at UTM.

JKM KTDI UTM group photo session

The AJ ’23 programme was a resounding success, thanks to BEM KM UGM’s openness to allow JKM KTDI UTM to collaborate to share knowledge with our fellow students. By conducting the knowledge-sharing session and promoting the UTM, JKM is taking a proactive step towards attracting talented students from UGM to join the vibrant UTM community. We believe that fostering such connections and sharing knowledge and experiences with students from different cultures will enhance our learning environment and create opportunities for meaningful global collaborations.

JKM KTDI UTM & UGM students bonding during sharing sessions

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