April 14, 2024

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JOHOR BAHRU, 9 MAY – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has launched a new program titled “Mental Health Awareness Month: Save One Soul 2023” or SOS’23 to raise awareness about mental health issues among the campus community and beyond, starting from 1 May to 30 May 2023. The program, which runs throughout May, features a variety of activities and workshops aimed at educating and empowering individuals to take care of their mental health.

The students of Biomedical Engineering, BIOMEHS, initiated the SOS’23 program at UTM as part of their extra-curricular activity besides learning in the lecture hall by collaborating with Pusat Kaunseling UTM and Kelab Kaunseling dan Kerjaya (KKDK). The students recognized the importance of mental health in overall well-being and wanted to create an opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge about mental health issues. Through their efforts, the SOS’23 program has successfully materialized. The program features a range of activities, including the Batik Coloring Workshop, Soap Making Workshop, Charity Color Fun Run and other mini-games aimed at promoting mental wellness. These activities allow participants to express themselves creatively and connect with others in a supportive and safe environment.


SOS’23 was launched during the opening ceremony by Ir. Ts. Dr Asnida binti Abdul Wahab, Director of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (Second from the right), with Mr Muhammad Adi Luqman Bin Rohaidzat, Program Director (Third from the right).

In addition to the workshops, SOS’23 includes talks and forums designed to address mental health issues in a more formal setting. The discussions and forums will cover topics such as self-healing, breaking the stigma around mental health, and active listening skills. These talks will be presented by mental health professionals, experts in psychology and psychiatry, and other invited speakers. The SOS’23 program is designed to provide a space for individuals to learn about mental health and connect with others interested in promoting mental wellness. It is a collaborative effort involving students, faculty, and staff across the UTM community.

The need for the SOS’23 program arose from the growing recognition of the importance of mental health in overall well-being. Mental health issues affect a significant portion of the population, and promoting awareness and understanding of these issues is essential. Many suffer in silence due to stigma and lack of knowledge about mental health issues. The SOS’23 program aims to break down these barriers and provide individuals with the tools and resources to manage their mental health.

SOS’23 also launched their sub-program activity involving the surrounding community entitled “Lifeline Project.” (From the left: Ts. Dr. Muhammad Hanif bin Ramlee, Mr. Muhammad Adi Luqman bin Rohaidzat, Ir. Ts. Dr. Asnida binti Abdul Wahab, Ms. Hazirah binti Hashim and Ms. Athirah Balqis binti Mohd Sharif).

The SOS’23 program takes a holistic approach to mental health, recognizing that mental health is connected to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It emphasizes the importance of self-care and provides individuals with the tools and resources they need to care for themselves. The program recognizes the importance of social support and provides opportunities for individuals to connect with others who are also interested in promoting mental wellness.

One of the wishes in the Lifeline Project stated, “Hi awak! It must have been hard. I wish one day you heal yourself <3” by Mr Muhammad Adi Luqman bin Rohaidzat.

The benefits of the SOS’23 program are numerous. The program can help reduce stigma and improve access to mental health resources by increasing awareness and understanding of mental health issues. The program also provides individuals with the tools and resources they need to manage their mental health, which can lead to improved overall well-being. Finally, the program offers opportunities for individuals to connect with others and build supportive relationships, an essential aspect of mental wellness. The SOS’23 program faces competition from other mental health initiatives on campus and in the community. However, the program stands out for its holistic approach to mental health and its emphasis on self-care and social support. The program is also unique in that it was initiated and led by students, demonstrating the commitment and passion of the UTM community for promoting mental wellness.

Photography session at the end of SOS’23 launching at Al-Jazari Auditorium, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences as memory together.
Upcoming SOS’23 activities on the 26 and 27 of May 2023 will be held at L50 Lecture Hall, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

Overall, the SOS’23 program is an important initiative that has the potential to make a significant impact on the UTM community and beyond. By raising awareness of mental health issues and providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to take care of their mental health, the program can help improve overall. Congratulations to Mr Muhammad Adi Luqman bin Rohaidzat on launching SOS’23 successfully, and all the best for the event. 

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