July 14, 2024

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Ramadan meals include the distinctive dish of bubur lambuk, a mildly spiced porridge. This year, the Kolej Tun Razak student committee and Senimas Club members started making bubur lambuk to give out to the campus community. Over the past two years, the cook, 56-year-old Zukepeli bin Zainol, has assisted the college in preparing bubur lambuk. “I am not a good cook, but these days, you can simply find a recipe for bubur lambuk online”. To prepare the bubur lambuk, a variety of ingredients and spices are used. Aina Haziqah, the program director, announced, “This year, we are preparing two pots,” and she invited other college residents for assistance. Thus, Kolej Tun Razak prepared two different kinds of bubur lambuk this year, one large pot of beef porridge and another pot of chicken porridge. Before beginning to pack and distribute them, the group and the cook sourced cooking supplies and prepared and cooked them together. More than 375 packets were given out. The making of the bubur lambuk was funded by contributions from Beras Faiza and other generous individuals.

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