September 29, 2023

Step into the Future with Ericsson’s 5G Technology at IC5G UTM Open Day


Wireless Communication Centre (WCC) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTM SPACE) successfully organized UTM-ERICCSON Innovation Centre for 5G (IC5G) Open Day. The event highlighted a 5G (fifth-generation mobile network) showcase and demonstration, plus an industry knowledge-sharing session on 5G technologies.


Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ts. Dr. Abd Latif bin Saleh (third from left, front row) and Mr. Afrizal Abdul Rahim (Rightmost, front row) with participants of IC5G Open Day

More than 300 participants, including students, staff, and industry partners such as Ericsson and Iezzpro Incorporation Sdn Bhd, joined this event. The event director, Dr. Marwan Hadri Azmi from WCC said that the main objective of IC5G Open Day is to promote and educate UTM students and staff on the exciting 5G technologies experience.


The opening ceremony was held at Dewan Azman Hashim, and welcoming remarks were given by Pro-Vice-Chancellor (UTM Kuala Lumpur Campus), Professor Ts. Dr. Abd Latif bin Saleh. Professor Ts. Dr Abd Latif mentioned that UTM and Ericsson would continue to collaborate in developing holistic talent within this fascinating, innovative technology.

“The latest MoU between UTM and Ericsson strengthen this academia-industry collaboration, focusing on improving the student’s digital skill and ensuring employment supply is available and ready for the telecommunication and ICT sector. Partnership with industry players like Ericsson, who provide support and feedback in order to ensure UTM programs remain relevant and competitive, is always important and crucial” he added.


For industry knowledge sharing, the Head of Government and Industry Relations Ericsson Malaysia, Mr. Afrizal Abdul Rahim, shared the latest 5G wireless technology. He also shared on different mobile services that 5G technology can offer. Mr. Afrizal stressed the importance of being informed and aware of new opportunities that 5G can provide as UTM’s students will be the future ICT and telecommunication sector workforce. IC5G showcased various exciting technology such as the programmable robot, Hologram, real-time 360 degree video monitoring cameras, and interactive Smart Board technology.

IC5G showcased variety of interesting technology such as programmable robot, Hologram, real time 360 degree video monitoring camera, interactive Smart Board technology.


My5G Ericsson Malaysia pioneers programme was also promoted to the students and staff. The future-ready digital education was designed by Ericsson and Digital National Berhad (DNB) to introduce 5G and related technologies with participants of the programme could earn a digital badge for their completion of the modules.

Students are welcome to register through this link

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