Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Kuala Lumpur’s First Team-Building Event Ever

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (UTM KL) held first ever team-building event at De Palma Resort Kuala Selangor. The same vision and mission were shared in making the team-building event a success with over 30 academic and professional staff. The team-building experiences have been nothing short of amazing.

Having a strong team with a shared culture of leadership and development, this event included indoor and outdoor activities. Among the activities were communication activities, problem-solving and decision-making activities, adaptability and planning activities, and trust-building activities. These activities were in line with the “Seven Cs” of team building strategies, which are clarity, capability, collaboration, commitment, communication, continuous improvement, and creativity.

Working together as a team is easy when everybody have similar goals, but it can be hard with the absence of common values or goals. So, it is important to build relationships between teams and encourage collaboration, shared values, and a sense of purpose. Apart from that, team building should be fun.

By doing so, time were spent to learn about each other’s strengths and talents, as well as discussing how everyone could work together as a group to achieve our goals. Shared values were looked in to see how they impact the work done.

Finally, the two-day event brought in leaders to give some inspirational talk. Everyone learned so much from the team-building experiences. Participants have grown closer as friends and colleagues, built stronger relationships, and developed a better understanding of how to work together. A plan has been made on continuing this trend in the future by hosting more team-building events for the betterment of our faculty and University Teknologi Malaysia as a whole.

Prepared by: Nurfarah Athirah binti Abdullah Sidek