Distinguished Industrial Lecture Series: Modern Data Analytics and Data Cloud for Business

On 25th May 2022, the Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics (RFTI) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Kuala Lumpur has successfully organized Industrial Lecture Series for the university community to listen, meet, and communicate with a distinguished industrial expert. The speaker, Ts. Ahmad Hadzramin b Abdul Rahman founder and Managing Director of OR Technologies Sdn Bhd is an experienced person in the field of data visualization, data digitization and self-service data analytics which is a current trend in the organization. OR Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a data analytics consulting company that focuses on revolutionizing business through data science and analytics.

Modern analytics is the merging of a massive spike of data access (through online sources like cloud platforms and portals) and a refinement of data analytics as a discipline. This new configuration of analytics has led to innovation in automation and AI, which has reshaped what can be accomplished through analytics. During the event, about 50 participants attended the sharing sessions and some of the key points of modern data analytics and data clouds have been addressed by the speakers and the interaction from the audience. For instance, the understanding of the modern data-driven organization, challenges and obstacles to becoming data-driven and the role of the cloud in helping build a modern data analytics platform.

Written By: Dr Nurulhuda Firdaus Bt Mohd Azmi & Dr Suraya Bt Ya’acob