Flutter Workshop: Learn Mobile Development using Single Codebase

On 16th April 2022, Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (PERSAKA UTM) organized an online program called ‘Flutter Workshop’.

The workshop was conducted through two platforms, Webex for the paid participants, and PERSAKA UTM Facebook Live for public participants, gathering a total of 96 participants.

The main goal of this workshop was to introduce to School of Computing students, especially Software Engineering students, to the concept and framework of Flutter.

Besides that, this workshop also aimed to enhance the participants knowledge on the new type of framework which is commonly used by developers.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit, created by Google to develop cross platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

The trainer for the workshop was Mr. Ahmad Siraj bin Mohd Yusof, a Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer at Charge+.

The workshop was held for 3 hours and 30 minutes. The first 2 hours and 30 minutes were given to the trainer to conduct the workshop, and the remaining hour was for the question and answer, Kahoot and lucky draw session.

The workshop started at 9.30 a.m. where the emcee started by introducing today’s workshop and the trainer, Mr. Ahmad Siraj bin Mohd Yusof, to the participants.

Mr. Siraj then introduced Flutter to the participants, such as what Flutter is and the features available. He also showed the library in Google that is available to use for Flutter.

Demo of Counter Application using Flutter

After the introduction, he then proceeded to the hands-on activities where he asked for the participants’ opinion on the application to create. He continued to demonstrate while showing other examples and tips that could help the students to develop the application easily.

Mr. Siraj was also open to answer any questions asked by the participants.

Create Portfolio using Flutter in Google

Besides talking about Flutter, he slipped in some internship tips and tricks too. He taught the proper way to write a resume, and the type of company to choose from, depending on The students’ final year project.

The information given by Mr. Siraj was very useful to the participants as most of them are going to go through their internship in the near future.

Right after the workshop, the floor was open for questions and answers for both the participants from Webex and Facebook Live, if they have any questions about the workshop.

The chat box was flooded with many interesting and beneficial questions that the participants were curious about.

Kahoot! Quizzes on topic learned

Once the question and answer session ended, the program moved on to the next session: Kahoot! quiz time.

The questions asked were based on the details that they have learned in that workshop. Each question was gone through and further explained by Mr. Siraj.

Besides winning the quizzes, the participants were also given the chance to win prizes by participating in the lucky draw sessions. There were 10 lucky winners that day.

Lucky Draw Session

The workshop flowed flawlessly and was very engaging to the participants.

To commemorate the end of the workshop, everyone turned on their camera and used the ‘Flutter Workshop’ background to take a picture along with the trainer and participants.

Photography Session with Trainer