PERSAKA, UTMKL Virtual Talk on Artificial Intelligence

On 30th December 2021, Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer (PERSAKA), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (UTMKL), organized ‘Virtual Talk on Artificial Intelligence’, an online event. The program was held through the PERSAKA Facebook platform and was attended by a total of 151 participants.

The main goal of this event was to introduce students to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as to provide information on the most recent technologies in these fields.

Both AI and ML are increasingly being implemented in the software industry and are changing the ways we interact with computers.

The speaker for the talk was the Principal Researcher of Centre For Artificial Intelligence (CAIRO), UTMKL, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai.

The 2-hour program was divided into three sections; the presentation, question and answer session, and fun quiz.

At the start, the program director and moderator, Mr. Furqan Qadri welcomed the speaker, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim, and introduced him to all participants.

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim began by providing an overview of AI, the lab facilities available at CAIRO, and the goals that AI aims to achieve.

He also described the machine learning framework and the impact of AI and ML on fields such as enterprise and bioinformatics.

               Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim explaining the applications of AI

This was followed by an explanation on neural networks, deep learning and how, together with big data, they are setting new precedents of innovation in the 21st century. The speaker also shared information on how the searching algorithms in AI work.

Towards the end of his presentation, he guided the audience on how to look for jobs in AI and ML fields.

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim explaining the job opportunities in the field

After the presentation, a question and answer session was held in which he tried to clear all the doubts of the students. This was followed by a fun and engaging quiz session with the participants in which a total of 88 students participated . The cash prizes were announced for the top 3 position holders.

Question and answer session

Quiz competition with participants

The flow of the event was flawless and engaging. The participants gained a lot of knowledge on AI and ML technologies too.