February 25, 2024

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On 1st January 2022, International Students Society of Yemen (ISS-YEMEN) started the new year with a humanitarian and volunteering campaign by helping the flood victims of Hulu Langat, Selangor.

This program was also joined by the ISS Libya and a staff from the UTM International office.

Before the program started, some preparations were made such as buying boots, plastic bag, pails, hoes and mineral water.

UTM International provided a UTM bus which depart from UTM at 12 am and arrive in Selangor at about 6 am for Subuh prayer.  ISS Yemen also collaborated with other parties under the theme of “Ibarat Satu Jasad”.

The campaign started by cleaning the houses, sewages, bring out all the defect items from the house and also remove mud from the parking area.

Overall, 10 houses were being cleaned by the volunteers.

Among the challenges while doing the cleaning process are shortage of water, few houses did not have power socket, heavy mud and language barrier.

The cleaning process started from 8 am until 4:30 p.m..

Food for the volunteers was provided by the collaborators at the nearby mosque. In addition, the campaign was considered to be successful with more than 60 volunteers from UTM and other organizations.

The local community was very happy and appreciate this kind of help which can ease their burden in terms of cleaning the house.

ISS YEMEN UTM is glad to initiate and contribute to such a humanitarian and volunteering programs that help the brothers and sisters from the local society and hope this humanitarian and volunteering program will continue from time to time if relevant.

This kind of program also supports the concept of Internationalization at Home.

Among the collaborators are Wamy Organization, Insn Organization, Altwasul Organization, Yemeni Refugees Union, Yemeni Students Union Embassy Of The Republic Of Yemen and Yemeni Community Association Malaysia.

Huge thanks and appreciation to UTM International for their constant supports, fast responds and cooperation.

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