April 21, 2024

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UTM MyLinE team won Silver in the recent International Innovation in Teaching and Learning (i-InTeL) 2021, co-organised by Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Kedah Branch Campus and Language Centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.  Their product, MyLinE ECS Prerequisites competed under the Language and Education Cluster.

MyLinE ECS prerequisite task is an online teaching and learning innovation aimed at providing practices and preparing graduating students for the exit test called English Communication Skill for Graduating Students (ECS). ECS is designed to assess communicative skills in English to be used at the workplace among graduating students. Both the enhancement and assessment of the skills, oral interaction skills and the writing skills, are implemented through self-access learning portal, MyLinE. ECS is designed in collaboration with experienced human resource personnel from industries who are responsible for recruiting staff in their corporations. 

Among the key innovative features of MyLinE ECS is it is the first English exit test with prerequisites among other public universities in Malaysia. These prerequisites, which serve as a preparation for students to sit for the ECS test can be accessed under the ELSP@ECS in the MyLinE portal, an online English language learning website that students of UTM have been using for their English courses. Students are required to complete all the activities in each unit in a month before sitting for the ECS test. These resources are designed to include elements of 21st Century Skills to help students meet the demand of the workforce.

View of MyLinE ECS Prerequisites at ELSP@ECS in MyLinE Portal

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