Amongst The Best in Membrane Technology – UTM Vice-Chancellor Honoured with 2020 TWAS Award

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) had announced the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Prof. Datuk Ts. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail as the recipient of the TWAS 2020 Award at the TWAS 15th General Conference on 1 November 2021. 

TWAS Award was awarded to scientists from developing countries in recognition of their outstanding contributions to scientific knowledge in Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Astronomy and Space Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Physics, and Social Sciences, and in the application of science and technology for sustainable development. 

Prof. Datuk Fauzi was awarded the 2020 TWAS Award under the Engineering Sciences category for his outstanding contributions in membrane technology and nanotechnology for desalination, wastewater treatment, gas separation and hemodialysis.

The candidates for a TWAS Award must be scientists who have been working and living in a developing country for at least ten years consecutively prior to their nomination. TWAS is inviting nominations from all its members as well as science academies, national research councils, universities and scientific institutions from the developing and developed countries. Prof. Datuk Fauzi was nominated by Prof. Emeritus Dr. Takeshi Matsuura from the University of Ottawa, Canada for this award.

For the past three years, some of the award recipients originated from various countries, including Africa, South America, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. 

This award is in line with UTM’s mission to be at the forefront of innovative technology providers through high impact research. It is also a clear testament to our commitment in ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

The award plaque received by Prof. Datuk Fauzi
Prof. Datuk Fauzi during 2020 TWAS Awards Webinar Series that led to TWAS 15th General Conference
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