February 26, 2024

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Virtual Installation Ceremony of UTM Toastmasters Club New Term’s Officers

Prepared by: Syaza Soraya Sauli, Dr. Ahmad Faiz Mohammad, Mr. Muhammad Nur Syiham Abdul Razak & Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin

Coming together is the beginning, as teamwork makes the dream work!

Despite the pandemic, the new officers’ installation of UTM Toastmasters Club (UTM TMC) for the term 2021-2022 was successfully held during the club’s 1st Chapter Meeting on 1st July 2021. UTM TMC is designated under the alignment of Area 3, Division G, District 102, which covers seven states in Malaysia.

It is customary for the Area Director to officiate the installation of new club officers. At this ceremony, the Area G3 Director, Mr. Jacob Khu Wai Hoong, officiated the installation virtually via the Zoom platform.

The virtual installation was initiated with the official declaration on the discharge of the UTM TMC club officers for the preceding term 2020-2021 from their respective posts, duties, and responsibilities. Heartiest gratitude to all former club officers of UTM TMC 2020-2021 for their commendable and excellent services in creating a successful term for UTM TMC and its members. Their commitment, dedication, and efforts are highly appreciated.

Area G3 Director, Mr. Jacob Khu performed the new club officers’ installation.

Before the installation, the Area G3 Director explained all the responsibilities and challenges as the preparation for the new club officers in their new journey ahead. All the new club officers were asked to hold a virtual gavel as the symbol of leadership and responsibilities that lie ahead. Mr. Jacob Khu read the job scope of each role of the club officers and having understood the responsibilities readout, all the new club officers accepted the pledge of commitment and willingness to shoulder the responsibilities that come with their respective posts.

The ceremony continued with the individual installation for each club role wherein the roles’ duties were read by the Area G3 Director. First, for the role of Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA), Ms. Syaza Soraya Sauli (UTM Alumna, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM JB) was sworn in upon taking an oath to perform the duties of SAA to the best of her ability.

The ceremony proceeded to the role of the Treasurer for which Mr. Muhammad Nur Syiham Abdul Razak (PhD Student, Faculty of Science, UTM JB) was appointed, followed by the role of Secretary which was filled by Dr. Nor Hidayah Abd Radzaz (Research Assistant & UTM Alumna, Azman Hashim International Business School, UTM JB).

Ms. Syaza Soraya Sauli appointed as the Sergeant-at-Arms.
Mr. Muhammad Nur Syiham appointed as the Treasurer.
Dr. Nor Hidayah Abd Radzaaz appointed as the Secretary.

Next, the ceremony continued to officiate the installation of Ms. Nur Athirah Farhana Omar Zai (PhD Student, Faculty of Science, UTM JB) as the Vice-President of Public Relations (VPPR), Dr. Siti Zaleha Daud (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Built Environment & Surveying, UTM JB) as Vice-President of Membership (VPM) and Dr. Ahmad Faiz Mohammad (Senior Lecturer, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, UTM KL) as the Vice-President of Education (VPE).

Ms. Nur Athirah Farhana appointed as the Vice-President of Public Relations.
Dr. Siti Zaleha appointed as the Vice-President of Membership.
Dr. Ahmad Faiz was appointed as the Vice-President of Education.

Lastly, Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin (Associate Director (Global Strategy and Engagement), UTM International and Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, UTM JB) was sworn in as the President of UTM Toastmasters Club. Heartiest congratulations to the new Club Officers of UTM Toastmasters Club for the term 2021-2022!

Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin appointed as the Club President.
UTM Toastmasters Club members and guests during the Virtual Installation of the new Club Officers

The ceremony was concluded with a joint pledge of all UTM Toastmasters Club members proclaiming their support for the growth and development of the club and its members. The virtual installation ceremony held during the 1st Chapter Meeting was indeed successful. May the club officers and members continue to strive for excellence and reach greater heights together.

Congratulations and All The Best TEAM! Together Everyone Achieves More.

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