Mr Aiman Amri giving his talk about the 8 core emotions

PsyTalk by Psychology Interactive Club Creates Awareness on Toxic Relationships

A total of 426 active participants and roughly 1779 viewers from all walks of life were logged on for the PSYTALK organised by Psychology Interactive Club (PSYCHIC) associates. This event was held on 5th June 2021 from 12.30 pm till 3.10 pm via YouTube live streaming medium to create awareness on the existence of toxic relationships. 

Two guest speakers were invited to speak at this forum. The speakers were Mr. Aiman Amri, Mental Health Advocate and Prof. Madya Dr. Mastura Mahfar, Lecturer of UTM where the former covered “What is a toxic relationship” while the latter speaker covered “How to deal with toxic relationship”

Mr. Aiman Amri, also fondly known as Aimanpsikologi started the session at 12.30 pm by speaking on the definition and theories that related to a toxic relationship as well as signs to identify a toxic relationship. 

Mr. Aiman also said that “The step of getting into or nurturing a healthy relationship is to acknowledge one’s emotion or feelings”.

Subsequently, at 1.45 pm, Dr. Mastura began her speech. Her 60 minutes session was filled with insights on the consequences of a toxic relationship, its effects, and ways to handle them. 

Dr. Mastura quoted that “Giving compliments and appreciation can foster one’s relationship with others whilst blaming others will lead us to not admitting our mistakes”.

Post the insightful speech and sharing, Q&A sessions were carried out where speakers answered most of the questions posted within the allotted time of 15 minutes each. In between these sessions, there was a lucky draw session where five lucky winners were pricked out at random from the wheel of names.

The programme was concluded at 3.10 pm and all the participants will be presented with a digital participation cert via email. 

Last but not the least, given the success of the programme, evidenced by the feedback collated from the participants (through Google Forms), similar themed programmes will be conducted in the coming months.

“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela