May 28, 2024

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On 29 May and 5 June 2021, Global Buddies (GB) and Global Education & Experience (GEE), UTM International had successfully organized a casual discussion program called “Coffee Talk” with the themes of “Mental Health” and “Family Relationship”.

The purpose of the discussion program was to enhance communication skills and provide a broader view regarding a certain topic to the participants. The program was directed by Victoria Sharon anak Vincent Jillson and was conducted virtually for two weeks through Google Meet platform.

For the first week, Dr. Amalina binti Ibrahim, a lecturer from School of Human Resource Development and Psychology (SHARPS) was invited to share her knowledge on the topic of “Mental Health”. A total of 37 participants had joined this session.

The program started with an opening speech by the Program Director, Victoria Sharon and followed by a sharing session from the invited speaker. After the sharing session ended, a brief question and answer session was conducted among the participants. The questions and thoughts shared by the participants were professionally answered by Dr. Amalina.

On 5 June, the discussion was focused on “Family Relationship”. This Coffee Talk 2.0 had attracted a total of 27 participants. During the program, participants were given questions through Slido platform. All participants actively participated in the session by discussing questions among themselves. Some participants also shared their views and experiences.

The discussion program had received a number of positive feedbacks from participants. All participants were honoured with an e-certificate and UTM Merit.

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