DESYMP ’21: Career Track in Data Engineering

Data Engineering Symposium ’21 or better known as DESYMP ’21 was a program organized by Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer (PERSAKA) on April 27th, 2021. The program was streamed online through PERSAKA Facebook Live.

An expert speaker from TMONE who is also a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) graduate, Ms. Qistina Batrisyia binti Azman Shah was invited to share her insights on the career tracks in Data Engineering or any data-related fields and her working experience as a Data Engineer in TMONE.

Our speaker, Ms. Qistina Batrisyia binti Azman Shah, Data Engineer from TMONE

Moderator for DESYMP ’21, Jayaneysanraj A/L Jayaraj

Among other topics that had been shared during the program was Ms. Qistina’s degree journey at UTM. Ms. Qistina also shared her industrial training experience with TMONE, as well as her working experience as a Social Media Data Analyst and Data Engineer in TMONE.

Sharing session on career in Data Engineering by Ms. Qistina Batrisyia

Through this program, Ms. Qistina also touched upon the career opportunities for recent graduates in Data Engineering field that can be explored in related fields such as web analytics, cloud computing and many more. Ms. Qistina shared the challenges faced in her workplace and provided DESYMP’21 audiences with information on the future in Data Engineering and the required skills they should further master and develop.

Sharing session on internship experience with TMONE by Ms. Qistina Batrisyia

Since the program was held virtually, the audiences were able to leave their questions during Q&A session in the comment section of Facebook Live.

Q&A session with the audiences

Last but not least, President of PERSAKA, Muhammad Akmal Hisham was invited to give a closing speech for DESYMP ‘21. All in all, DESYMP ’21 was considered successful and wrapped up smoothly with 263 participants which exceeded the target views of 100 participants.

Closing speech by Muhammad Akmal Hisham, President of PERSAKA