“Employment Catalyst” Nurtures Future UTM Graduates

American Chemical Society UTM International Student Chapter (ACS UTM) in collaboration with MyRoadmap – Faculty of Science had successfully organized Employment Catalyst on 27th March 2021. This event aimed to help third year students that will undergo internship and final year students who will soon graduate in connecting with people from industries.

The objectives of this program were for students to learn about the application of theoretical knowledge being taught in chemical-based industrial processes. Next, to learn about Employment Catalyst acts as the main event which encourages the students in being an all rounded future graduates as well as for the students to understand the job demands by chemical-based industries and set early goals of what they want to become in the future. Lastly, it promoted possible activity collaboration between ACS UTM International Student Chapter and the chemical-based industries.

This event was managed by 28 dedicated committees which led by Naziela Al Atiq binti Aljeffry the President of ACS UTM International Student Chapter. The main spotlight for this event was our respected speakers. The first speaker was Dr Kuah Yong Cheun. He is an alumni from Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science. Dr Kuah has been a part of PETRONAS RESEARCH since 2006 and has received PETRONAS GR&T Young Scientist of the Year and Innovator of the Year award in 2017. Our second speaker was Madam Anamira binti Zakaria. She is an alumni from Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UTM and currently working as a Regulatory Affair Executive at Top Glove.

This event was conducted online through Facebook Live. The participation was overwhelming as we reached up to 130 particpants in and out of UTM. We hope that Employment Catalyst will be conducted annually by ACS UTM. Apart from that, we look forward to more collaboration with amazing speakers in the future. ACS UTM will continue to share and organize more chemistry and industrial events for students to elevate the chemistry knowledge in them.

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