May 28, 2024

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On 31st January 2021, a webinar had been conducted successfully with the involvement of three panelists from industries, who had shared their experiences on job searching and working environment. This program was organized by the Biosciences Student Development Committee (JKPP Biosains) led by Dr Nur Izzati Mohd Noh and aligned with the Faculty of Science Roadmap planning (MyRoadmap@FS).

The panelists, Miss Nurul Balqis Husin (Corporate Assurance Auditor, Ranhill SAJ), Miss Arinaasna Mat Tarmidi (Lab Coordinator, C. Melchers GMBH & Co.), and Miss Pavitra Nandagopal (Former Quality Assurance Associate, Biocon (M) Sdn. Bhd.), agreed that students and graduates must have the outstanding qualities in order to secure a job in the industries.

They added that communication skills are very crucial in order to be happy at work as well as to build good relationships with bosses, co-workers, and support staff. Even a simple good morning greeting can portray a good impression of personality.

Having to work in a different field from their academic background, Miss Nurul Balqis and Miss Arinaasna had to learn new things on their own. They took the challenge in a good way and proudly managed to climb up to their current position. Both of them urge that students need to be open-minded when selecting jobs regardless of their type of degrees. As long as they are passionate about doing their job and have the patience to learn new things, they can be successful.

Miss Pavitra also mentioned that it is important to follow their passion. While working at Biocon (M), she realized that there is a great opportunity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market and thus, sparked her passion to pursue a Ph.D. study in molecular biology research at UTM.

The speakers also added that it is crucial to be a fast learner because most employers do not provide training. Therefore, the graduates must have their own initiative to learn new things and be independent to complete any tasks given.

In this current challenging pandemic situation where job openings are limited, graduates must do their best to secure an interview session. The panelists said that it is important to write a good resume and dress up professionally during the interview session.

The sharing webinar was attended by 98 undergraduate students of Bioscience, Faculty of Science, UTM. Most of the students will be facing their internship program in July 2021.

Prepared by: Nur Izzati Mohd Noh & Mohd Farizal Ahmad Kamaroddin

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