April 17, 2024

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FAQ on Work Process at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia During the Movement Control Order (MCO) 13 January until 26 January 2021






1.0 What is the purpose of this guideline/FAQ?

This guideline/FAQ is prepared to explain the work process during the Movement Control Order (MCO) from 13 January 2021 until 26 January 2021 that must be adhered to by all UTM community members including safety precautions that need to be carried out at all responsibility centres (PTJ) to contain the spread of COVID-19 in UTM.

2.0 Do staff need to apply to Work From Home (WFH) or be present at the office (Work At Office – WAO) through UTMSmart apps?

All staff must apply either to WFH or be present at the office (WAO) through the UTM portal or UTMSmart for the stipulated days or according to the rotation. 

Academic staff are requested to WFH starting 13 January until 31 March 2021. They need to apply to WFH through portal or UTMSmart for the duration. 

PPP staff – Head of Unit should prepare a duty roster for a duration of two weeks to avoid daily application. The verification and approval processes must be made on or before 14 January 2021 except if there is any change in the roster as instructed by the Head of Unit. Staff need to apply to WFH or be present at the office (WAO) following the duty roster prepared by the Head of Unit.

However, if there are any academic staff or PPP who need to change the WFH or WAO status previously approved, the officer in charge of supporting the application needs to cancel the original application, and staff need to reapply.

3.0 What percentage of staff are allowed to WAO at any given time?

The number of staff allowed to WAO is not exceeding 30% comprising staff from the management and support staff with a 1:2 ratio. 

4.0 Do staff who are still at their hometowns need to report for duty at the office on 13 January 2021?

For staff who are still at their hometowns, they need to adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated by the National Security Council (MKN) and Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) to return to their places of residence to report for work. 

5.0 How about staff who are stuck due to floods and cannot come to the office? Are they allowed to WFH for the duration of the disaster?

For staff who have problems returning to the office because of natural disasters such as floods, they are encouraged to apply for General Emergency Leave. However, staff can apply to WFH if the need arises. 

6.0 Can staff apply to WFH to care for their children since schools are still not in session?

Staff are required to WAO on rotation as kindergarten and childcare centres are operating as usual. 

7.0 Do staff in the essential services category fall under the 30% quota allowed to WAO?

Staff who fall under the Essential Services category such as the University Health Centre and Department of Security, staff are not counted towards each department’s 30% quota. Duty roster can be prepared according to the work shift as usual. 

8.0 Do staff need to record their attendance while WFH?

Staff are required to record their attendance according to the regular working hours (clock in and clock out) using the GPS Check-In/Out available on UTM Smart apps. 

9.0 Do staff need to record their attendance using GPS Check-in/Out on days they come to office (WAO)?

Staff are not allowed to record their attendance using the GPS Check-In/Out on days they have to be present at the office (WAO) where they need to use the i-Hadir system to record their attendance. 

10.0 Do staff still need to fill in the application to WAO even after receiving the duty roster from the Head of Unit? 

Staff still need to fill in the application under the Staff Movement menu in UTM portal or UTM Smart.

11.0 Are staff allowed to eat in the cafeteria around campus when working at the office (WAO)?

Staff are not allowed to eat in the cafeteria around campus. Only take away is permitted. The cafeteria operating hours are subjected to MKN instruction. Staff are not allowed to eat at the office pantry to avoid crowded space. Instead, staff are encouraged to eat at their workspace. 

12.0 Can the Head of Department increase the specified quota? 

The Head of Department can increase the specified quota if there is an urgent need to       complete any tasks requiring more staff at the office. 

13.0 Do staff who have been identified to WAO but could not be present because of sickness or other hindrance need to look for substitutes to reach the 30% quota?

The maximum quota set is 30%. Therefore, there is no need to fill up the 30% quota. However, the Head of Department can find substitute staff if there is a need. 

 Prepared by :

 Registrar Department & Office of Corporate Affairs

 January, 2021

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