May 25, 2024

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On December 4th, 2020, International Student Society (ISS) of Indonesia at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Bahru, had held an event for their 2020/2021 board members. This event is an inauguration program to commemorate the new board members of ISS Indonesia as well as to objectify mediation between the committee and all the participants that were present.

Apart from being a bridge between students and the university, ISS Indonesia’s duties are also expected to assist in managing all aspects of activities on behalf of Indonesia within UTM. By holding this event, the inaugurated board members are expected to be driven in carrying out their obligations because they will handle the committee’s events and programs in the future.

The event was held through Zoom Cloud Meetings application and was witnessed by ISSS Indonesia’s Advisor and Supervisor, the Coordinator of ISS Indonesia in Malaysia, other International Student Societies of UTM, branches of ISS Indonesia in Malaysia, Director of the Global Education and Experience UTM International, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, and all ISS Indonesia members.

The inauguration program was marked by the reading of a pledge led by the President of ISS Indonesia for the 2020/2021 period, Muhammad Khairy Hanif. The other board members solemnly followed the pledge that made this inauguration as the beginning of their commitment to developing ISS Indonesia during their period of work.

The support and expectations towards ISS Indonesia performance for the 2020/2021 period were conveyed by the honourable guests which in their remarks have stated that each party will give their fully supports to all of the committee’s work programs.

Following that, a talk show with the current Coordinator of ISS Indonesia Global, Choirul Anam and also the President of the Student Family of Institute Technology Bandung, Nada Zharfania Zuhaira, was held to give inspiration and insight for those who are carrying out their duties as ISS Indonesia’s board members. The talk show was conducted adjacent to the discussion topic of ‘Joining Organizations in University and Its Impact in the Outside World’.

“Academics and organizational work are not options, but both must be balanced,” said Nada.

Meanwhile, Anam stated that “Our presence during every activity that we take must have a significant and efficient impact”.

Before the inauguration event was closed, a group photo was taken to keep in memory as an unforgettable experience among those who had attended and contributed to this event.

This inauguration program was then continued with a town hall meeting which was attended by all members of ISS Indonesia with their objective to ensure the committee’s events and programs can be formulated in detail for the following year. 

There are seven divisions in the management of ISS Indonesia UTM, namely the Division of Academic, Research and Human Resources Development, Division of Social and Public Relations, Division of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Division of Cultural Arts and Sports, Division of Publications and Multimedia, Division of Strategic Studies, Division of Internal Organization Development, as well as the High Committee.

The town hall meeting was also scheduled to inaugurate the management of the Student Work Units or Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) within ISS Indonesia. The coordinators of each UKM explained their aspirations and work protocols which were then received criticism and suggestions from other members who were present.

There are four UKM that were inaugurated within this agenda, namely the Spartan (sports) UKM, the Association of Leadership and Communication UKM, the Sanggar (cultural dance and music) UKM, and the Indonesian Muslim Association UKM. The event ended with a sharing session among the members of ISS Indonesia UTM led by Ryhan, the current president of the committee. 

“There are lots of good spirits that we have inaugurated today. We know that even though ISS Indonesia UTM will move in several directions, this cabinet is not alone because it has full support from all including other members of the committee”, he said.

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