April 13, 2024

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AHIBS Online Global Classroom (OGC) 2020 Series Pulls 12 Foreign Partners and 1100 Students Together

Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) wrapped up its Online Global Classroom (OGC) programs for the year 2020 with collaborations of foreign institutions.  Under the OGC programs, academics from UTM and foreign universities partnered to co-teach students from both ends.

The OGC programs managed to bring AHIBS together with 12 institutions from 8 countries, i.e. Indonesia, Brunei, Taiwan, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, the United States, and Turkey. Under the programs, 30 academics from UTM and partner institutions were paired to co-host 13 webinar series in business and research topics. The programs have benefitted almost 700 outbound and 500 inbound mobility students to UTM.

The OGC framework is an innovative solution offered by UTM International to maintain the University’s internationalization agenda despite the pandemic. Previously, students flew to foreign institutions to experience their practices and cultures.  With closed borders, novel ways are required to cope with the new normal in higher education.

AHIBS has taken a step further in supporting this initiative. AHIBS OGC programs are designed to meet several objectives. The programs have not only managed to provide the numbers needed for student mobility. They have also enhanced teaching and learning embedded within its academic courses, provided experience for lecturers to serve as international speakers, and created a networking platform for students and lecturers for further cross-country collaborations.

The OGC programs will spill over to year 2021 with participation of other universities such as from Japan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Special thanks to the academics involved and UTM International for making AHIBS OGC 2020 a success.

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