AHIBS Lecturers Won Gold Award At World Invention Academic Conference (WIAC 2020)

The Korean Invention News and Asia Invention Association  organised the 4th World Invention Academic Conference 2020 (WIAC 2020) on 30th October 2020. WIAC 2020 in accordance with the regulations of the Korean Invention Newspaper was held to present how to create the ideas, best practices, and innovative award-winning works. The competition received around 300 submissions from all over the world. Among the panel of judges for this competition were:

1. WIAC 2020 Organising Committee as members of the jury
2. Experienced senior inventors  with award winning records
3. University professors, patent lawyers and professionals in relevant fields
4. Visiting professors of Korea Invention Academy (local & international)

Congratulations to AHIBS for winning the GOLD AWARD with their invention “Toy Bricks Simulation Game as a Tool in Teaching Operations Management”. This invention emphasised on the use of toy bricks in a production scenario to enhance the learning process of students in Operations Management course. The learning process gives the opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice through reflection-in-action in completing the required tasks.

The team consists of Dr. Siti Zaleha Omain, Associate Professor Dr. Norhayati Zakuan and Dr. Roshalizawati Md Nor.