MJIIT UTM as the Japanese based Engineering Education hub in ASEAN

The Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, UTM Kuala Lumpur held a press conference on the relaunch of MJIIT, UTM as the Japanese based Engineering Education hub in ASEAN on 17th August 2020 . MJIIT is known as a faculty set up in UTM Kuala Lumpur that has the autonomy and unique engineering programs, aspires to be a platform to attract more Japanese cooperation into Malaysia.

The conference commenced with the welcoming speech and introduction by Dean of MJIIT, Prof. Ts. Dr. Ali Selamat. He also emphasized on the added value in MJIIT education system. Corresponding to that, Prof. Ts. Dr. Ali Selamat asserted that MJIIT anticipated more Japanese corporations to be keen on starting their operations in Malaysia and this, in turn, would provide a big impact and value to Malaysia’s economy.


Prof. Ts. Dr. Ali Selamat was accompanied by Dr. Takasei Okano, a representative from JICA, and Dr. Hirofumi Hara from the MJIIT research lab. Both honorable sensei too, made deliverance on their part, expounding on the uniqueness and the prominence of MJIIT as the preferred Japanese-oriented education hub in engineering and technology business in South East Asia.

MJIIT brand relaunch focuses on MJIT’s commitment to providing Japanese-based engineering and technology education in Malaysia at a cost of only RM40,000 compared to RM300,000-RM500,000 for the same proven programs in Japan. MJIIT also provides access and special opportunities to students in the B40 group to attend the master’s program.

おめでとうございます Omedetou gozaimasu MJIT on the accomplishment of becoming the Japanese based Engineering Education hub in ASEAN. We wish for continuous and long term success for MJIIT.

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