UTM receives 1,000 face masks from Ningxia University China to aid frontliners

JOHOR BAHRU, May 13 –– Ningxia University (NXU) from China had extended assistance to UTM by sending  1,000 face masks to support UTM frontliners to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic inside the campus.

The Director of UTM Marine Technology Centre, Dr. Kang Hooi Siang said the donation of this face mask was made possible because of the close cooperation between NXU and UTM through the Marine Technology Center.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Kang Hooi Siang

UTM and NXU have signed a memorandum of understanding with UTM since 2018.

Prior to that, many successful programs have been established between both universities, including student exchange, joint publication, and staff visits to the Centre.

“During the handover process, the gathering and sending of 1,000 face masks were accomplished within a very short time under the highly effective coordination of the Deputy Director of the International Office in NXU, Associate Professor Ma Xiaoling, together with the support from Professor Zhang Bo, the Dean and his team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in NXU.

The face mask was received by UTM Human Resources Department yesterday,” he said.

He added, the face masks were handed over by Mr Abdul Razib bin Hj Shahuddin, UTM Registrar to the Director of UTM Endowment, Associate Professor Dr. Yusof Boon in the small event at UTM Security Hall this afternoon.

Abdul Razib bin Hj Shahuddin, UTM Registrar handing over the face masks to the Director of UTM Endowment, Associate Professor Dr. Yusof Boon

Abdul Razib expressed gratitude to NXU for the aid.

“On behalf of UTM, I would like to thank NXU upon their concern for UTM’s frontliners in handling the Covid19 outbreak,”he said.

Dr Kang said, NXU is located in the heart of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, where it is well known as a province enriched with Islamic cultures in China.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dr Kang informed recently that UTM has become one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia for the undergraduate students from NXU to conduct their oversea exchange program.

“As of 2020, there have been 20 students from NXU studying at UTM under the student exchange program.

The collaboration has been recently extended to joint research at the graduate level.

Associate Professor Jiang Xiaoxia, from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in NXU also had visited UTM several times and collaborated in joint research with UTM researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Marine Technology Centre, ” he added.

Visit by Ningxia University lecturers to UTM Aerolab on 16 July 2019

On behalf of Dr Jiang, Dr Kang said NXU hopes to be able to play a part in helping UTM frontliners and strengthening our friendship based on shared values.