UTM Secured USD 14K of Regional Conference Grant from AUN/SEED-Net

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) had successfully secured the international funding support in February 2020, to organise a Regional Conference under the field of Environmental Engineering namely the jointly Regional Congress on Membrane Technology 2020 (RCOM2020) and Regional Conference in Environmental Engineering (RCEnvE) 2020.

This conference is chaired by Associate Professor Dr. Juhana Jaafar from Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre (AMTEC), School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, UTM. The conference will be held from 26th August 2020 till 27th August 2020 at Royal Widad Residence@UTMKL, Kuala Lumpur.

The theme of this conference disciplinary area is related to the field of Environmental Engineering. The funding support is under the ceiling of 14,000 USD and the support covers Meeting Package, Local Transportation, Accommodation, and Consumable & Others.










Regional Conference (RC) is an academic conference supported by ASEAN University Network / Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net). The purpose is to serve as a platform where researchers, academicians, industries, communities, and policymakers can share the cutting edge knowledge, experience as well as address common regional issues in the field of engineering.

The representatives from any MIs (member institutions of AUN/SEED-Net) who have strong intention to organize RC are eligible to apply and receive a maximum grant of 14,000 USD.

Theme of each RC must be closely related to any of the 10 engineering fields as follows and cross-disciplinary areas of a particular field are highly welcome:

  1. Chemical Engineering (ChE)
  2. Civil Engineering (CE)
  3. Computer and Information Engineering (CIE)
  4. Geological & Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE)
  5. Materials Engineering (MatE)
  6. Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (ME/ManuE)
  7. Energy Engineering (EneE)
  8. Natural Disaster (ND)
  9. Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  10. Environmental Engineering (EnvE)

The joint Regional Congress on Membrane Technology 2020 (RCOM2020) and Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering (RCEnvE2020) is a premier forum for the knowledge and technology sharing of new and advanced research results in the field of membrane and environment.

The conference will bring together networking from professionals and researchers worldwide in particular disciplines to discuss the current environmental issues in ASEAN and beyond which the valuable information of the latest research activities and findings will potentially become as promising solutions.

This aspiration has led to the development of the meaningful theme of RCOM2020-RCEnvE2020 conference, “Enhancing Translational Research Towards Sustainable Environmental Technology”. This conference aims to gather professionals from government and private universities, research institutes, and private sectors to share and discuss the knowledge and technology that both entities could provide, and ultimately translates them into a beneficial networking towards providing a sustainable environment preservation solution.

More information about the conference can be found in the poster below and website: https://amtec.utm.my/rcom2020-rcenve2020/