Sun Asterisk Lte Job Fair


A Job Fair was organized by Sun Asterisk Lte at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology on 29 February 2020, as the first trial of “Japanese Language Interview Training and Job Fair” program. There were 15 students selected from last October who were trained to be interviewed using 100% Japanese language.

The program started at 8 am in the Main Meeting Room at level 3 with an introduction by the Sun Asterisk Lte company. The program then continued with the group interview in Meeting Room 4 at level 3.  The candidates who passed the group interview had to go through the individual interview afterward.

The program then ended at 7 pm where the company and its future employees had dinner together at UTM Residensi Restaurant at the 6th floor. The company had read through the candidates’ resumes and other documents beforehand where they were uploaded in the Sun Asterisk system. The company had made an offer of 1 position with 6 vacancies to the best candidates as a final result of the overall interview.

The 6 best candidates who managed to get the job offer by Sun Asterisk Lte:

1. Youn Eng Teng, ESE
2. Aimisyahmi Harith bin Zulkifli, CPE
3. Tan Chai Beng, MPE
4. Muhammad Izzaire Bin Hassan, MPE
5. Tan Jiin Kuen, MPE
6. Ahmad Amir bin Ab Qais, CPE

In addition, the second Job Fair with a larger scale will be held in September 2020 especially for 60 MJIIT’s 3rd-year students. The students will have to take a special Japanese language course for 14 hours/week from March to May and 20 hours/week during the Internship. Therefore, this Job Fair will be open to students who have been training in these few months only.

Above all, congratulations and best of luck to all the candidates!