May 18, 2024

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SPE-UTM SC Members Won First Place in Paper and Poster Competition at ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

One team from the Society of Petroleum Engineers, UTM Student Chapter was announced as the champion in the Paper and Poster Competition at the Integrated Petroleum Festival 2020 (IPFEST2020) held at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia on 22 February 2020.

The Integrated Petroleum Festival 2020 or IPFEST 2020 is an annual international Petroleum Competition based event that was created as a collaboration among 3 associations in Bandung Institute of Technology, which are the Society of Petroleum Engineers Bandung Institute of Technology Student Chapter (SPE ITB SC), Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers Bandung Institute of Technology Student Chapter (IATMI SM ITB), and Student Association of Petroleum Engineering “PATRA” Bandung Institute of Technology (HMTM “PATRA” ITB) as a response to the urge to meet the energy challenges of the future.


The winning team consisted of students from the Faculty of Engineering, School of Chemical and Energy Engineering: Sangeetha Balaram (Petroleum Engineering 4th year) and Pavidra Roganatha (Petroleum Engineering 4th year).


The team earned the grand prize for its research on ‘Shale Inhibition Performance of Polyether Diamine and Potassium Chloride Mixture in Water-Based Drilling Fluid’. The study was conducted to investigate the shale inhibition performance of polyether diamine and KCL mixture in WBM and to determine the effective amount of KCL in PEDA WBM for better shale inhibition.


SPE-UTM SC also sent another two teams to ITB, Bandung, Indonesia to participate in mud innovation competition which consisted of 3 persons per team:

Team 1

  1. Ahmad Nabil Bin Ahmad subandi (Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)
  2. Aiman Shahrin Bin Mazni(Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)
  3. Nurul Aida Binti Adam Lim (Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)

Team 2

  1. Muhammad Danish Isyraf bin Azman (Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)
  2. Hafizah Liyana binti Suib (Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)
  3. Ega Puspita Leriana (Petroleum Engineering 3rd year)



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