BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak Sparks Excitement Among New Students

Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics (UTMRazak) hosted a fun-filled Reception Hi-Tea for newly registered students to get acclimatized as new members of the UTMRazak vibrant community. In setting up a tradition of hospitality, a BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak was planned as an anchor event to provide opportunities for new students to network with incoming students of diverse programs within the faculty as well as to mingle with both management and academic staff.

A total of 168 students officially kick-off life as UTMRazak postgraduate students beginning this February academic term. Present during the Reception Hi-Tea were 26 international students and 40 local students, welcomed by Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Astuty Amrin, Academic Deputy Dean Assoc. Prof. Khairur Rijal Jamaludin, assistant deans, directors, program coordinators, and lecturers.

Check out the students’ reaction and photos of Reception Hi-Tea during the BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak:


“A big congratulations and welcome aboard to all new students who are joining us in this academic year”- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Astuty Amrin, UTMRazak Dean.


Dean introducing the management team to new students. Standing in the picture is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shahidan Abdullah (Director, Advanced Informatics Dept.) Sitting next to him is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samira Albati Kamaruddin (Director, Engineering Dept.)


“The event was well organized and very informative to students who aren’t familiar with UTM organization and culture. I enjoyed the speech from our dean as it was inspiring and motivating. I’d been looking forward for this event. I cleared my weekend schedule to attend this hi-tea as I thought this is the best platform for me to meet fellow students, exchange experience and introduce myself to the coordinators and lecturers on a leisure occasion. This event should be held regularly as it is beneficial for students to connect with the academics and network with students of other programs” – Elsa from Malaysia (MSc Information Assurance)



“I truly found the event to be very welcoming from registration till the end. It was a great opportunity to know more about UTM and spend some time with fellow classmates outside of class hours. I found it interesting that UTM is bigger and more diverse than I expected. Initially, I thought it is just a local university but it turned out to be a global one”-Mehmet from Turkey (MSc Business Intelligence Analytics)



“Thank you for organizing the reception event. It was a great experience getting to know the lecturers and fellow BIA students at the hi-tea. The food was scrumptious”- Nguyen from Vietnam (MSc Business Intelligence Analytics)

“The event was a great opportunity for me to get to know the management and academic staff who are in charge to help me in any regard. I loved the way of how the staff was introduced. It was so interesting to know other students and make friends with them.  It was a great idea to expose the new students to Malaysian food. I will never forget this event”- Baqer from Iraq (MSc Engineering Design)



“The event was very interesting and welcoming, I didn’t know most of the attendees, yet I felt comfortable and got to know the academic and management staff. Everything was well-organized. I like that the event wasn’t too formal, it was more fun. I enjoyed the Kahoot game since everyone got to play it together”-Raneem from Saudi Arabia (MSc Business Intelligence Analytics)

“It is a great platform for us to get to know each other, students from other programs, lecturers, and the dean. I loved the games session. Perfect for students to mingle around”-Azieemah from Malaysia (Executive Master in Occupational Safety Health and Management)



“UTMRazak arranged a fruitful event for the new students. It was a great opportunity to keep in touch with everyone. The most interesting moment for me was when the Dean came personally to talk about her visit to my country. Also, the faculty members were roaming around and talked to the students” -Nashia from Bangladesh (MSc Engineering Business Management)


Among the lucky draw winners


BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak: Embrace the diversity


“The Hi-Tea event was really enjoyable and I must say the organizers did a great job. Right from the beginning, each session was great. I would like to say ‘Thank You’ for arranging this event, as through this I got the chance to know about and meet with the Dean, coordinators, faculty members and all the new friends. All the sessions of the Hi-Tea event were great and enjoyable. But the most interesting moment for me was when I got the third prize in the quiz session and received my gift from the Dean. It was a special moment for me”-Tariqul from Bangladesh (MSc Engineering Business Management)


Among the team members behind the success of BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak


 “The faculty is committed to providing the students with support and personalized touch that they deserve throughout their studies. On behalf of the faculty members, we wish all students a smooth sailing ahead!!” – UTMRazak Dean, Assoc. Prof. Astuty Amrin


Reception Hi-Tea during the BigWelcomeWeekend@UTMRazak Feb 2020