AHIBS Connect Community Grant – A Boost For Impactful Community Engagement Projects

Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) Connect Community grant, funded by the Azman Hashim endowment fund, is specially created to provide some financial assistance to promising community engagement projects.

For this inaugural year, four promising projects have been selected to be the 2020 grant recipients as follows:

  • Crowdsourcing Floodfeed (Dr. Norhidayati Zakaria)
  • Active Accounting with Secondary School Students (Madam Sariati Azman & Mr. Kamaruzzaman Abdul Rahim)
  • Smart Phone Apps for Non-Communicable Disease Patients (Dr. Haliyana Khalid)
  • Brand Management and Marketing Strategy for Social Media (Dr. Zuraidah Sulaiman)

As part of the project mentoring, a workshop on ‘How to Design Impactful Community Programs’ was held on March 5th, 2020 for the project teams at AHIBS. Twenty lecturers attended a briefing by UTM CCIN, delivered by AP Dr. Johari Surif, followed by a knowledge sharing session by AP Dr. Suresh A/L Ramakrishnan (5 Star Impact CE project leader).

Last year, AHIBS conducted eight impactful community engagement projects on various focus: social and economic development; teaching and learning; technology and innovation; healthcare; and business capacity building. Three of the projects were awarded the 5 Star Impact. In 2019, AHIBS garnered around RM170,000 of grant value and reached out to at least 25 stakeholders.

The workshop has inspired the staff to deliver more impactful projects. With the grant as an added boost, the chosen projects are hoped to touch and prosper more lives of their serving communities.

This program is forefronted under the external engagement and branding initiatives across AHIBS.


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