Adjunct professors and industry partners welcomed AHIBS new students through ‘Meet & Mingle’

Adjunct professors and industry partners welcomed Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) new students to celebrate their first day at the School. The ‘Meet and Mingle’ was consecutively held at AHIBS Kuala Lumpur campus and AHIBS Johor Bahru campus on the 15th and 16th February.

This semester AHIBS receives over 100 new students for its MBA, PhD, DBA, and Master of Management programs. The semester also marks the first cohort of AHIBS MBA – Open Distance Learning, launched to democratize and expand access to AHIBS quality business education.

AHIBS meet and mingle is an on boarding program held every semester to assist AHIBS new students to smoothly parachuting their journey by connecting them with the peers, administrators, seniors and student societies. The event has been a new tradition at AHIBS since UTM Synergy4.0 under the Deanship of Professor Dr. Nur Naha Abu Mansor, as part of the School’s initiatives to create a stronger branding and engagement with its stakeholders.

This semester the event brought in six adjunct professors and industry partners to mingle and conduct personalized thematic discussions on current topics in business. Those involved were:

  • Aminuddin Zakaria – CEO, MASwings
    • Topic: Driving Transformation in Airlines Industry
  • Dato’ Ts Dr. Mohd Ismail Bin Abd Aziz, Non-Executive Director of MYHIMS PLT.
    • Topic: Extending Industry And Academia Towards Employability
  • Azman Ahmad, COO, Felda Global Ventures
    • Topic: Leadership in Changing Organization
  • James Tee, previous CEO of several companies
    • Topic: Building Future Global Talents
  • Captain Kannan Perumal, Pilot with Singapore Airlines
    • Topic: Global Partnerships in Building Competencies
  • Madam Suzelah Ahmad, Director of Human Resources, Amari Hotel
    • Topic: Leadership During Crisis

According to Dean Nur, this year in our greetings to new students, it was pertinent that a personalised thematic discussion delivery on global and local business issues was injected. This intervention was to develop closer linkages between our adjunct professors and industry partners as mentors in enhancing and enriching students learning experience.

“Students and partners gave great response and I am proud to say, this will be a continued effort and brand of AHIBS ‘Meet and Mingle’,” she added.

The event also involved other interactive activities started with a welcoming remark by the dean, followed by ice breaking session, academic briefings, and networking lunch. Despite of some health concerns, the event was successfully held but not without careful planning and extra measures undertaken by the team.

Credits to the organizing team, led by the Assistant Dean (External and Global Engagement) AP Dr. Rossilah Jamil as the program director, her assistants Dr. Mazilah, Dr. Rafidah Othman, and Mr. Noor Ashruf, and their teams in KL and JB. Among good friends, food, fun and balloons, the Meet and Mingle event proved to be a memorable event to kick off the students’ first day at AHIBS.