December 2, 2023

JOHOR BAHRU: A team of researchers from Newcastle University (NU) visited UTM to meet with the Malaysia Collaboratory team which consists of researchers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) . The purpose of the research visit was to understand and discuss work progress and future directions of the research work carried out by the respective work streams. Dr. Claire Walsh and Dr. Jaime Amezaga were the representatives from Newcastle University.

The research visit started on 12th January 2020 (Sunday) and ended on 15th January 2020 (Wednesday). Throughout these four days, discussions were held between Dr. Claire and Dr. Jaime with each work stream respectively.  The discussions mainly focused on the research theme aims, methodology, potential impact, and how all of these fit in the Malaysia Collaboratory research programme and the programme as a whole Hub. Not only discussions were carried out with the research team, Dr. Claire and Dr. Jaime also arranged a certain time to meet with the management team, with the aim to understand and discuss the management aspects of the GCRF project, history of UTM, and management structure of UTM.

The research visit was very fruitful. NU representatives had a better understanding of the research works being carried out and those to be carried out by the Malaysia Collaboratory. The Malaysia Collaboratory had affirmations that the research works done were on the right track and contributed to the wider-Hub objectives. Nonetheless, photos were taken during the research visit as memento.


Malaysia Collaboratory team listening to Dr. Claire’s presentation.


Malaysia Collaboratory team listening to Dr. Claire’s presentation.


Dr. Claire Walsh, Newcastle University sharing her inputs.


Dr. Jaime Amezaga, Newcastle University giving his inputs


The group photo

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