Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, MIER launched its Crouching Tiger Research Plan to assist the government and the private sectors in achieving the new Vision 2030 project, entitled Shared Prosperity 2030. The event includes EMOG (Energy, Maritime, Oil & Gas) MoU Signing Ceremony with MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economic Research).

UTM Razak Faculty RFTI is  in EMOG Group together with seven Renewable Energy-based body/industry’s agreement signing with MIER Chairman YB Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Kamil Salih on 1 October 2019 for funding the Renewable Energy (RE) projects to be executed in Malaysia  utilizing local talent such as:

– Association of Science and Technology Initiative (ASTI)
– Pacific Tech SB
– MPF and FINTRADE; Mercer Group Asia Pacific
– Nusa Suriamas
– SFE Oilfield Resources (SFEOR)
– Energy, Maritime and Oil & Gas (EMOG) Group

UTM Razak Faculty RFTI is to lead the Bio jetfuels project in Malaysia for Biomass-to-Biofuels & Biomaterials team – EMOG Group. Other projects areto ensure the biomass RE research done by Malaysia researchers are in line with the industry needs for the purpose of  commercialization. Technology Readiness Level – TRL is emphasized for each project to measure the commercialization stage progress. UTM Razak Faculty RFTI for Bio jetfuels is in TRL5 (the maximum is TRL 6: in commercialization)