A Systematic Literature Review Workshop was organized by the Academic Staff Development Committee, School of Human Resource Development and Psychology on 17th September 2019 at the Individual and Group Development Lab, T08.  A systematic literature review is a review of the literature that is conducted in a methodical manner based on a pre-specified protocol and with the aim of synthesizing the retrieved information often by means of a meta-analysis. Specifically, a systematic literature review is a high-level overview of primary research on a particular research question that systematically identifies, selects, evaluates, and synthesizes all high quality research evidences relevant to that question in order to answer it. In other words, it provides an exhaustive summary of scholarly literature related to a particular research topic or question.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Wan Mohd Azam Bin Wan Mohd Yunus from The School of Human Resource Development and Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.  In the  workshop the participants learned the differences between Systematic Literature Review and traditional reviews, as well as a general guide to conduct a Systematic Literature Review.  Among the things shared during the workshop were; (a) how to build a protocol for Systematic Literature Review and, (b) how to search for the relevant articles among other things.  A total of 34 academic staff and postgraduate students from various schools attended the three-hour workshop.





Authors  :  Dr. Halimah Mohd Yusof & Dr. Siti Rokiah Siwok