The inaugural ‘Kenali MJIIT’ was held on the 3rd Oct 2019.

For the first time, representatives (mostly counselors) from 50 of Malaysia’s top boarding schools (MRSM, SBP, TKC, etc) were with us to learn what MJIIT can offer and how they fit into the Japanese education and career paths.

This sharing also witnessed presentations from seven schools, in relation to their track records, experiences and issues in handling success stories of students.

The event kicked off with a short briefing by MJIIT Deputy Dean, Assoc. Professor Dr. Nor Azwadi, followed by
a sharing session on ‘Nin Genri Yoku’ (Professional, Ethics, Safety and Health) by Dr. Jun Ishimatsu, one of MJIIT’s Japanese lecturers who is quite fluent in Bahasa Melayu.

A special sharing session by one of MJIIT’s successful alumnus, Mr. Abdul Hakim Sahidi who is now the Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia then followed. Mr. Abdul Hakim is proud to be part of MJIIT and is indebted to the lecturers for the superb guidance and support during his undergraduate years.

MJIIT’s Dean, Professor Dr. Ali Selamat then went on stage to share the uniqueness of MJIIT before awarding scholarships to 23 postgraduate students.

Upon departing, the delegates were brought for a short tour of MJIIT’s selected labs, before heading back to their respective boarding schools across the country.