Prepared by: Azra Ayue Abdul Rahman and Rozeyta Omar


The Senior Vice President of Corporate and Institutional Business Group (CIBG) Public, Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad, Datuk Zunaidah Idris was invited as a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Social Sciences, Management and Accounting (ICSSMA) 2019.


ICSSMA 2019 was organized by School of Human Resource and Psychology (SHARPS) in corporation with Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Makassar (STIEM), Bongaya, Indonesia and UTM Talent Development Section, Human Resources Division Registrar’s Department.


The conference was held from 24-26th September 2019 at Holiday Villa, Johor Bahru with the aim to recognize the importance of the element of human potentials, social skills, knowledge and attitude to embrace Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0.


“It is important in the era of IR 4.0 for individuals to have interpersonal skills and strategic thinking in approaching business with a passion in delivering the best outcome,” said Datuk Zunaidah Idris.


Datuk Zunaidah Idris as keynote speaker at ICSSMA 2019.


She continued by saying that, “The analytical, communication and technical skills, as well as the ability to transform data to business is a must in today corporate world. Also, the awareness of business trends and opportunity (global commercial awareness) definitely help individuals to accomplish career with strong track record in a highly competitive industry.”


Datuk Zunaidah Idris also emphasized that, “The aspect of emotional intelligence by being able to understand your client’s business needs is important. Other values including hardworking, relentless work ethics and self-motivated confidence success.”


Inspiring the audience with her keynote speech, she also highlighted the importance to be a leader with a vision and passion, as well as encouraging team members to grow and excel individually.


Receiving a big applause from the conference audience, the keynote speech by Datuk Zunaidah Idris has shared many interesting advice for the audience at ICSSMA 2019.