A delegate from the School of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UTM Johor Bahru, had visited Telkom University and Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) on the 11th and 12th July 2019. The visit was made after the success of the international Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication & Control (ICEECC), three years in a row starting from 2016; which have gained a good rapport with some delegates from Indonesia. The delegation of the ICEECC committees headed by the Chair, Prof Ir. Dr. Mohd Wazir Mustafa, as well as the chairman of ICEECC conference, Professor Dr. Mohamad Kamal A. Rahim targeted for a future collaboration between UTM and the visited universities. It is in line with the aspiration of the university to have a diverse collaboration and cooperation with the public and private sectors to enhance the quality of teaching and learning (T&L) as well as research and development (R&D). Thus, the visit aimed for collaboration in both T&L and R&D in Electrical Power Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Control and Mechatronic Engineering and Communication Engineering. Among the  agenda discussed were on international grants, opportunities for collaborative programs in joint-degree or double degree, the mobility among lecturers and students through staff and student exchange programs, promoting school programs to universities in this region, and also on the joint conference organization.

It was a warm welcome from the School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University on the first day, led by Dr. Bambang Nugroho, who is the Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering. Chair from School of Electrical Engineering, UTM and Dean from School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University briefly explained the program offered and research area in both schools. The meeting was also joined by Dr. Ir Basuki Rahmat, Vice Dean for Financial and Human Resources, Dr. Ir. Erna Sri Sugesti, Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Levy Olivia Nur, Head of Student Program, Muhammad Nasrun, Head of Computer System Bachelor Program, , Yudha Febrianta, Assistant Manager of International Cooperation, International Unit, and also the staff of the School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University. Thank you for their support. The discussions led to a short meeting with Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, the President of Telkom University , Dr Dadan Rahadian, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Dr. Ir. Pudji Astuti, Vice Rector for Research and Student Affairs. As the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two universities was established, the meeting agreed to bind the memorandum of agreement (MOA) in the future.

Group photo during meeting in Telkom University

Meeting with the President of Telkom University(Middle)

The visit to Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB) took place on the second day. ITB was formerly known as Techniche Hogeschool during the Dutch rule (1920). The meeting was attended by Dr Jaka Sembiring, the Dean of the School of Electrical and Informatics, Prof Dr. Ir. Nana Rachmana Syambas, The Vice Dean of Resource and Affairs, Prof Dr. Ir. Adit Kurniawan, The Head of Telecommunication Engineering Research Group, Ir. Dwi Widyantoro, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr Ing. Eueung Mulyana, Head of Telematics Laboratory, Dr. Achmad Munir, and Weryan Shalannanda. Future collaboration between both parties was discussed and drafted. The meeting ended with a short visit to Radio Telecommunication and Microwave Laboratory as well as Control Laboratory. Lunch was served to all delegates. It was a cosy open dining area which was a redecorated area of the open corridor at the end of the hallway next to the main office on the second floor. It was informed that the faculty provided free lunch meal for all staff members every Friday, so they can meet and greet among them while enjoying the meal in the dining area. It was a good initiative in creating rapport and relationship among staff members. It is worth to mention, even the former 4th Rector of ITB was also there enjoying lunch with some of our delegates. It was a lucky coincidence to our Chair, Prof. Ir Dr. Wazir Mustapha to meet the former rector of ITB who is an expert in Power Engineering.

Group photo during meeting in ITB

Radio Telecommunication and Microwave Laboratory visit

The visit paved a path for collaboration and networking in the aforementioned areas. This is a worthy effort for the faculty to move forward for future collaborations.