Our Alumni share their experience working in Japan

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is widely known as a research-intensive public university mainly focusing on the field of engineering, science and technology. UTM has a specialized faculty under its administration which was established to run Japanese-oriented education here in Malaysia. Strongly supporting the Government-to-Government project between Malaysia and Japan (i.e the Look East Policy), the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) was established and located within our Kuala Lumpur campus.

Throughout the years of offering quality engineering and science education in Malaysia, UTM has seen 26 of its graduates currently working in Japan. Working and contributing in Japan pave ways for a wholesome learning package, and we hope that this learning experience will be shared with us back in Malaysia to make us a better nation.

We are proud to share the experiences of our two graduates in this column: Mohd Hilmi Zakaria and Chang Shao Yang.

For Encik Mohd Hilmi Zakaria, a Software Engineer at ZMP Inc., Tokyo, working in Japan has always been a dream, and this came through after graduating from MJIIT. To him, high confidence levels and good communication skills are a package which contributed to his job tenure in ZMP. Hilmi thanked MJIIT for educating the relevant Japanese behavior, language and workplace culture, equipping him to prepare for the Japanese work environment. He is proud to be part of a work environment where ideas are allowed to flourish and where diversity is welcome.



Mr. Chang Shao Yang, another proud alumnus of MJIIT, secured a position as a mechanical engineer in Tokyo Electric Power Services Co. (TEPSCO) after graduating in 2016. His journey working in Japan started when he signed up for a job interview in Japan through the Nikkei Asian Recruiting Forum (NARF). It was not an easy path as he needed to converse in Japanese throughout the whole interview session (with 12 other companies!). He added that it was an exhausting experience but was worth it! His experience learning in MJIIT helped him getting through these “hard times” in Japan.



List of companies in Japan currently employing UTM students are as follows:



Most of our students secured their jobs in Japan after applying via the following links:

NikkeiHR: http://workjapan.nikkeihr.co.jp/en/
AsiaToJapan: https://www.studygoworkjapan.com/

Visit us at: www.mjiit.utm.my
Apply for direct application at http://smart.utm.my



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