April 24, 2024

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Sustained Mobility Program at SKM: Interns from IUT Saint-Malo France

Four students from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) Saint-Malo completed their 10-week internship at the School of Mechanical Engineering, UTM Skudai. This group is the 7th from the same institution in France that have come to SKM (FKM) UTM since 2010 under the sustained collaborative partnership of Prof Normah and Prof Thierry MARE, which includes research as well.  A live video conferencing with IUT Saint-Malo was completed successfully at the CICT facility on June 12th from 2 -4:15 pm, the four French students were evaluated by the French academicians as well as by Prof Normah from SKM UTM (Coordinator of the program).

Live video conference
Live video conference held at CICT – 6 hours difference with France ( 2pm local time)

The 4 students were attached to different laboratories at SKM being supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslinda, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nazri Kamsah, Assoc. Prof Dr Norhayati Ahmad, Dr Ummikalsom Abidin and Dr Mohd Faisal Hassan. Their internship, each student under different supervision in different areas, had started on April 7th and ended today. The 2019 internship programme was actually initiated with a presentation by Prof Normah at IUT Saint-Malo last September during her GOP visit – brief introduction on the history, culture, geography etc. on Malaysia. Interested students then have to apply before being selected to participate. Prof Normah herself assigned selected academicians from SKM who can also managed their introduction to the Malaysian experience. The humanitarian factor is an active ingredient if the programme is to be attractive and continuous. Inbound foreign students come not only for the academic aspect (they may get this from anywhere) but most importantly is the assistance in getting adapted while learning in a totally “alien” environment. Next, 2020…

Internship students treated to mid-eastern lunch.

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