Building research capacity of our postgraduates is one of the UTM top priorities. UTM is very proud to have Erasmus REPESEA research group to sponsor a series of training for research capacity building, designed for our postgraduate students from 1st of April until 10th May 2019. The trainings consisted of 6 modules; academic writing, publishing skills, digital technology, evaluating research impact, communication skills and research project. The trainings were successfully coordinated and delivered by Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) Erasmus CBHE+ REPESEA team, lead by Assoc. Prof. Dr Rosmini Omar. The modules were conducted by international experts from Slovakia, Poland, Thailand and Indonesia.

Figure 1: Dr Tur Nastiti from Universitas Gajah Mada as one of the expert trainers for the training


Image 2: Participants and trainer during lunch


The final module was completed on Friday, 10th May and Prof. Dr Nur Naha Abu Mansor, Dean of AHIBS had gracefully officiated the closing ceremony.Participants of the trainings came from various faculties in UTM. One of the participants, Fatimah Batool, from AHIBS described the trainings as very engaging and beneficial, especially to first year phd students.  Zhulduz, a postgraduate student from Language Academy applauded the highly qualified trainers and the remarkable workshops. Muhamad Abdullahi from Razak School, suggested for this kind of valuable trainings to be provided to other students in the future.

Image 3:  Dean of AHIBS, Prof Nur Naha, Dr Hugo Lee from ICONIDA Thailand and participant, Fatimah Batool of AHIBS

Image 4: Group picture during the closing ceremony of Module 2, on Publishing Skills.


The trainings were part of the research consortium’s pledge and dissemination to improve research performance in the South East Asia universities. This international research consortium consisted of 5 European partners’ institutions and 6 Asean universities, including UTM. For more information about this research consortium, visit