“We Hope We Dream Camp 2019” was  held at the Convention Hall, TO8 on 9th April 2019. It was organized by 128 first year students from School of Human Resources Development and Psychology (SHARPS) who are currently following the “Need Analysis” course (SHAR1093). The two main aims of the camp were to promote the importance of education to the aborigine community (Orang Asli) and  to enhance  their communication and interaction skills. The activities carried out during the camp  were designed to increase  participants’ self-awareness and  identity disclosure in order to help them recognize  the importance of education and to improve their communication skills.  The activities  were motivational talk, games, and workshop.

Slot 1: Motivational Talk

The purpose of this activity was  to raise awareness among the Orang Asli students on the importance of education in their lives as well as to help them get ready to face world challenges  in the upcoming future. The talk was delivered by a representative from the Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA), YB Senator Dato’ Isa bin Ab. Hamid.

Slot 2: Games

This slot was conducted by the students from the “Need Analysis” course (SHAR1093) course .   The participants were the Orang Asli students who were from 10 to 12 year old age group. In order to play the games well, the participants had to be creative and imaginative as such games could develop their dexterity skill. The participants also played games that enhanced their  communicative skills  and boosted  their  physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Noticeably,  the interactive games had given   the participants the experience to communicate not only with their friends but also others like the organizers and adults who were there at the camp.  Most importantly, by playing the games, the participants had  the opportunity to explore different experience and environment  and at the same time, they have learnt  to conquer their fears in difficult and challenging situations.

Slot 3: Workshop


The workshop activities, were designed and conducted by the students from the SHAY program. The main purpose of having this  slot was to promote  the importance  of having attributes like self-awareness, identity disclosure,  self-acceptance, quality education and self-discovery to the participants. Besides helping the participants recognize their weaknesses and limitations, the workshop has also helped them notice the significant role of self improvement. In addition, they have learnt  to embrace their limitations and how to overcome them. The workshop have also helped them know themselves better and ready to become world players.