May 18, 2024

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Event: Culture Corner 22.0
Date: 25 April 2019
Venue: Dewan Sri Perdana, UTM Johor Bahru
Theme: Food and Friends


Traditional foods are foods that have been consumed throughout history even before the advent of modernisation and industrialisation of the food supply. Culture Corner, an avenue to champion internationalisation at home through social interactions and cultural activities, is back with a plethora of delicacies from different countries around the world.


Food and Friends is the theme of Culture Corner 22.0, which was overseen by Assoc. Prof Dr Ariffin Abu Hassan. To familiarise students with each other, an ice breaking session at the start of the evening gave them a chance to have a little chat before taking selfies to be posted on social media with the hashtags #utmculturecorner and #utmawesome. The attendance consisted of both regulars and first timers, amounting to over 130 students of all levels of study from more than 24 countries. The students were divided into 12 groups of varying levels of study and nationalities and were served with dishes from the participating countries. While tasting the uniqueness of each dish, students were given a platform to openly communicate with one another over a wide range of topics. This provided a fun and inclusive atmosphere throughout the event.

ISS Pakistan promoting ‘Chicken Briyani’ while preparing to serve


Eight different countries showcased their tantalizing foods and recipes through individual presentations. The first country that kicked the evening into gear was Bangladesh who served “Shemai”, “Jhal Muri”, “Chhola” and “Lassi”. Next up was China who brought sweet dumplings. Egypt served “Ful Mudammas” and “Koshary”, sharing detailed information on how to make them. “Nkate Nkwan Ne Omo Tou” and “Kelewele” were prepared and served by representatives from Ghana. Pakistan served chicken biryani and described how to prepare it to the participants. Sri Lanka’s representative made “Kiribath”, served with a side of banana. Yemen illustrated how to prepare a dish named “Kabsa” while Afghanistan presented about their dish named “Aashak”, both of which were served to participants. Malaysia’s presentation and serving of the famous “Nasi Impit” with “Kuah Kacang” and a side of “Rendang Ayam” marked the end of the session. While the participants were enjoying the delicious dishes, a sharing session was opened to recollect experiences and hear feedback on Culture Corner 22.0 and beyond.


All the delicious dishes, ready to be eaten


A session of Kahoot! was then played, headed by Ms Fasihah to test the participants attentiveness of the presentations and to reward those with utmost concentration. Always the adrenaline-inducing activity, students utilised their quick reflexes and competed in a multiple-choice quiz, where the three best-scoring students were rewarded with gifts.


The evening would be incomplete without a sing-along session, with this week’s song being “History”, led by Valerie Michelle, performed together with UTM Global Buddies. A group photo marked the end of Culture Corner 22.0. May the bonds formed this evening last beyond Culture Corner. We sincerely hope that the students gained a monumental experience from interacting with each other throughout the activities.


Group photos; always full of chaos and excitement


A special thank you to the UTM International staff and their families for the great support and for lending a helping hand, and not forgetting UTM Global Buddies for their commitment.


Stay glued to our Facebook page for more interactive and interesting student activities in UTM, and we hope to see you at future Culture Corners.


Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin,

Associate Director;


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Ariffin Abu Hassan,

Manager (Student Experience);


Fasihah Mohd Jaslan,

Manager (Inbound Mobility);


Student Services & Global Educational Experience,

UTM International

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