Syed Huzaimi Syed Ahmad Mazlan, a third year undergraduate student from School of Education, FSSH had successfully completed his two months teaching practicum at  Montague Public High School in Michigan, USA.  Syed Huzaimi becomes the first student from  UTM to receive an invitation from Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education, Pennsylvania State University, USA to do a teaching placement there. The invitation was made possible due to active collaborations between Pennsylvania State University and School of Education, FSSH under the Global Teach Agriculture Initiative which started in 2017. The initiative aims to globalize teacher education program especially in the field of Agricultural Education. Syed Huzaimi’s teaching practicum experiences were planned and guided by Dr. Daniel Foster from Pennsylvania State University and Mr. Carson Letot, a secondary agricultural teacher at Montague Public High School.

Throughout his two months stay in USA, Syed Huzaimi  had the opportunities to design, prepare and lead units of instruction  on  agricultural topics. He also assisted in the integration of youth leadership organization (FFA) program and supervised work-based learning in agricultural settings in the context of secondary school-based agricultural education.

Syed Huzaimi believed that the two months teaching practicum experiences had been very fruitful for his personal and professional development as a future teacher. His first ever  opportunity to travel and stay abroad has managed to increase his self-confidence as a student as well future teacher. In addition, the exposure to different  education system, the challenges of teaching students froma  diverse cultural background and the opportunities to use English as medium of instruction in classrooms have nurtured him into becoming a better teacher trainee.  Follow his experience at