AHIBS MBA Al-Baraqah Project Hits on “A Purchase for Donation”

Kuala Lumpur – The Al-Baraqah Project had the closing ceremony in the holy month of Ramadhan with an Iftar that included children who are residents from the Rumah Amal Asnaf Al-Barakh in KL. It is a project of social enterprise and leadership mentored by Dr Normal Mat Jusoh for the module called Commercialisation and Innovation.  The project consists of 12 local and international students embarking on an innovative and an entrepreneurial project on the basis of  purchase for donation. The Al-Baraqah Project runs during the holy month of Ramadhan in collaboration with  SocWealth Enterprise. The MBA students developed various packages as offerings  from basic food set, personal care set, Aidilfitri clothing, and Iftar sets.

The students’ business model aligns to *Why they offered this platform which is due to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city such as Kuala Lumpur, the practices of good deeds and soliciting giving back to the society are hindered by lack of interaction among the communities”. Therefore, they have successfully  provided a platform to those who wish to contribute during the month of Ramadhan. The campaign began from *7 April – 10 May, 2019*. The diversity of the group stressed on the localization of the international students to Malaysian social well-being while building social business. This is in a way called localisation. Integration of local and international students in AHIBS has always been a priority to the delivery of business education where one can learn and facilitate each other in learning despite having differing cultures and religion and coming from around the globe. May the small gestures from AHIBS continue to bring smiley happenings in the lives of those in need.